The One Nectar and Vape Kit by Yocan

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The One Nectar and Vape Kit by Yocan offers a multi-functional device, while still maintaining a premium performance. For essential oil and concentrate vaporization, its dual quartz coil creates an ideal temperature in order to heat the products without burning them. Then with every exhale, it allows for massive vapor payoff. The included glass bubbler ensures that every draw has a clean taste. Its ability to be used with both nectars and concentrates make it a great addition to any collection. 


Product Description

The One Nectar and Vape Kit by Yocan has a comprehensive set up that will give users access to premier vaping experiences every time it's used. The kit includes, but isn't limited to a glass bubbler for pure draws, a titanium nail head for an ideal heating environment, and a glass storage jar for the convenience of every vaper. Each component is designed with quality and functionality in mind so users will find themselves reaching for this pocket sized piece again and again. 

Multiple color options and dual functions are just a few of the initial benefits of The One. In addition to being able to vaporize concentrates and essential oils, it also includes a USD rechargeable battery, a scraping tool, and two dual quartz coil heating units. The coils bring every product to its optimum vaporization point for an unmatched draw and a gratifying vapor cloud at exhale. This single button activation make this device a great option for novices and pros alike.

Yocan makes additional concentrate and essential oil vaporizer modification units. The Torch Portable Enail has a streamline design and yields expert vaping results. Its two heating units reach anywhere between 482°F and 536°F, it can run for a continuous 15 second draw, the battery is rechargeable, and it has both male and female attachment options which make is a great, all-inclusive mod. On one spoke of the device, there is a carburetor which allow users to enjoy every draw to its fullest. 

Some users may be looking for a product not designed for concentrates or nectars. The Evelve D Plus Dry Herd Vaporizer is a great pen from Yocan for the dry herb enthusiast. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, this piece still packs a serious punch. Its dual coils won't burn the herbs and the vapor is always dense and satisfying.

Yocan, the manufacturer and designer of The One, started creating vaping products several years ago. Since opening their doors, they have exclusively made products for vaporizing dry herbs, concentrates, and essential oils. By targeting these areas, they have created the space needed to turn out superior products. Their confidence in each device has allowed them to have a fully implemented quality guarantee for their device. 

As you examine The One Nectar and Vape Kit by Yocan and the other products Yocan has available, don't hesitate to look through's many products. From mods to tanks to e-liquids, we strive to make as much available as possible to our customers. If you have any question, please contact out customer service team as they are always happy to help.

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