The Shocker by Cosmic Fog E-Liquid


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When it's time for a jolt of reality in the very best sense of the word, it's time for The Shocker from Cosmic Fog Premium Juice. This shockingly delicious blend will take your taste buds into another dimension of deliciousness, so why not order a 15ml or 30 ml bottle today?


Product Description

Cosmic Fog spent 7 to 10 months curating the unique flavor of this mighty e-liquid, to bring vapers a taste sensation that is utterly electrifying and utterly beyond compare. This Orange County brand is dedicated to making sure their customers have an e-liquid experience that goes beyond the ordinary, which is why they taste tested The Shocker personally for a period of months, to ensure this liquid has all the incredibly flavorful qualities they intended.

A Citrus, Strawberry and Tropical Blend That Brings A Taste Sensation

Cosmic Fog's Premium Juice blend, The Shocker, is a thrilling combination of a sweet natural Strawberry flavor combined in perfect harmony with tropical fruits that hint at tones of mango and apple. As if those tastes weren't enough to bring on an e-liquid thrill, they also brought in one addition flavor, a bright citrusy lemonade that's enough to shock your tastebuds beyond recognition. 

No, this isn't your usual 'citrus' vape flavor. This is The Shocker, an e-liquid taste that brings on the sunny sensation of a perfect summer afternoon with the shock of cooling citrus. It all comes together in a taste that will have vapers coming back for more, again and again and again. 

The Shocker is available in your choice of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg nicotine levels, so you can enjoy this vape with the maximum amount of stimulation and pleasure. 

When it's time to inhale and take in all the pleasure you are meant to enjoy, it's time to go bold and take on The Shocker.

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