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The Titanium eNail Nail by Stratus is a vital accessory for an incredible experience.


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This bad boy is completely easy to use and provides the best heat transfer from the coil to the nail. Enjoy massive vape clouds with this handy tool. Made from durable, premium materials it is built for all day, every day use and produces unique, potent flavors with refreshing draws. Constructed to last, the Titanium eNail Nail can maintain the precise chosen heat and will heat up in only thirty seconds. It features a Titanium and Quartz nail, Titanium Carb, and temperature regulator. If you are looking for a sturdy, quality built, top of the line eNail then look no further than the Titanium eNail Nail by Stratus.

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    buyer beware

    I purchased this exact nail from a local retailer. It is suppose to fit a male or female 14 mm joint. The very bottom 1/16" IS 14 mm, but then it goes to a 14.25 mm, then 14.5, and last at 14.75 mm. There is NOT enough titanium to sit into the joint, and the whole thing can just fall out of the joint. It's suppose to be shaved from 13.25, then 13.50, then 13.75, and LAST at 14 mm.

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