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Tobeco Tanks

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Vaporizer Tanks by Tobeco

Tobeco stands for "TO"gether "BE"st "CO"operation, which sums up how they feel about the manufacturing and distribution of their product lines. The Tobeco brand is part of the Shenzhen Tobeco Technology company, and they provide a range of products designed to meet the serious and beginning vapers needs. The company was established in 2009, and it's one of the older vaporizer companies on the market. 

They have established themselves as a company that is dedicated to providing solid and reliable products that are designed to give users a superior experience. The company focuses on continuous development, a rich user experience and innovation in all of their products. The company has a factory that occupies 1,000 square meters, and production line and the number of total employees exceeds 400. They have a dedicated research and development team of 15 people. 

The company places a high value on quality control and provide only their best products to the world. High-tech battery testing equipment and hands-on inspections are just a few of the ways they keep their products consistently functional. 

Tobeco History and Culture

The company has a rich company culture that largely adheres to a human-oriented philosophy that places its value in its employees. They believe that humans are the true fortune in life and to meet their goals, the consistently seek out the most talented and dedicated individuals. The company believes in a positive work environment and administrators are encouraged to consistently praise employees. 

Through a combination of a harmonious work environment, safe working conditions and a goal to work with social responsibility in mind, the company is able to provide its customers with a healthy environment to produce exceptional products. The company has also received several honors for compliance with the RoHS, FCC and other regulatory companies. 

Tobeco Product Line

The company manufactures a host of products to help make the experience of vaping more enjoyable. The company is best-known for its line of tanks, RTA and RDA units. You'll find that the company produces a wide range of atomizers, and it manufactures high-quality mechanical mods to serve the needs of more advanced vapers. They also have a line of drip tips, and they manufacturer a collection of accessories to help give you everything you need. 

Tobeco Vape Product Components

The products are designed using premium components that are designed to last. Products use premium-quality components like stainless steel, ceramic, heat-resistant glass and materials that are designed to make the units inert. You'll enjoy superior quality craftsmanship, and the units are designed to last for an extended period of time. 

The company manufactures some of the bestselling mini tanks in the USA, and they also enjoy worldwide distribution with huge success. The high-quality components and exceptional manufacturing make these some of the most highly coveted products in the world. The company's high attention to detail and constant review of products during the manufacturing process means you're getting components that are designed to last and provide you with an exceptional experience.

Tobeco Featured Products

Everything you need to get started with the perfect setup is available directly from our company. Order a set of Mini Super Tank tips in black or stainless steel coloring. Pick up a Mini Super Tank from Tobeco in four different color options, including black, silver, grey and white. Make sure to pick up a set of Super Tank Mini Replacement coils that come in a set of five so you can enjoy a prolonged vaping session. All of the products are authentic OEM products that are designed to provide you with a long life and satisfying vaping experience.