Toptank Nano Sub Ohm Tank by KangerTech


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The Toptank Nano Sub Ohm Tank by Kangertech is yet another example of superior craftsmanship from one of the most popular brands in the vaping community. Featuring stainless steel and glass construction, this sub tank blasts out large clouds of vapor and delivers remarkable flavor. It was designed for those who want a premium sub tank at an affordable price.


Product Description

This sub tank is 510 threaded, making it compatible with many popular mods. It can hold 3.2 ml of e-liquid, which means you will be vaping more and refilling less. When you do need to refill, don't fret. Kangertech has made it incredibly easy to refill this tank with top-fill and bottom-fill options. The openings are easily accessed and help to prevent waste from spillage. The glass used for this tank is durable Pyrex, making the unit less susceptible to cracks or breaks. The Nano is 18.5 mm in diameter, similar in size to most tanks produced by Kangertech. It's dimensions are 2.5" X 3/4" from drip tip to threads. 

Sub ohm vaping, or vaping at resistances of less that 1 ohm, is arguably the most popular form of vaping done today. It is known for two hallmarks. The first of these is huge clouds of vapor that are aromatic and linger in the air with spectacular effect. The second of these is improved flavor from e-liquids. The Toptank Nano Sub Ohm Tank by Kangertech succeeds in both thanks to the presence of stainless steel atomizer heads and its adjustable airflow valve. Airflow is crucial to the performance of a sub tank because it aids in an even distribution of heat from the coils. All of the elements in this tank come together to produce a vape that is smooth yet possessed of all the things that make sub tanks so popular. 

If you are looking for a high degree of compatibility with various coils, this tank will work with 0.5 ohm SSOCC coils as well as Clapton coils that are rated for a similar resistance. You can also opt for a 1.5 ohm coil or 0.15 ohm SSOCC Ni-200 coils. There is a world of flexibility here and ample opportunity to customize a rig to your own precise specifications. 

Kangertech was founded in 2007, making them one of the earliest manufacturers of vaping devices on their continent. Since that time, Kangertech has embraced innovation and invention as a pathway to success. Their research and development professionals work tirelessly to implement new features that not only improve the quality of their sub tanks but also the safety. Vaping at low resistances carries its own safety concerns, specifically in regards to how much stress is being placed on a battery. Kangertech remains current on all industry-mandated certifications such as CE, RoHS, and ISO 14000. You can purchase the Nano with complete confidence that you are receiving a tank which has satisfied the highest standards of quality.

Thousands of vapers trust Kangertech. The brand has gained its popularity through integrity and integrating feedback from the vaping community into its newest designs. Many novices also choose Kangertech based on the recommendations of their friends, and these tanks are a good choice for the vaper that is just beginning to sub ohm. 

While you are shopping for a Toptank Nano Sub Ohm Tank by Kangertech, be sure to check out our entire collection of premium tanks, mods, and RDAs from all of the most popular brands. Whether you are just starting out with mods or have lots of experience, there is something here for you. If you have questions, we are happy to assist you via live chat or email. 

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