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The Tornado Coil by KandyPens is specifically designed for use with the brand's popular line of Galaxy concentrate vaporizers. If you are ready to enter a new dimension of vapor volume and flavor, this coil goes above and beyond the status quo with its superior construction and KandyPens' trademarked Leak Proof Technology. This coil is made to help you enjoy the pure essence of your concentrates.


Product Description

KandyPens recommends this coil for advanced users, and it is certainly true that the experienced vaper will appreciate the coil's high quality. The housing combines Stainless Steel and copper for maximum durability, and the coil itself is made from strong Titanium. This coil architecture is prized for its lifespan as well as its ability to deliver reliable heat. In all likelihood you will find yourself ordering replacements less often when you use this coil. That means you'll be saving money, and that is always a good thing.

The Tornado Coil by KandyPens has a deep quartz crystal chamber. Fine quartz is naturally food safe and odor free, so there is nothing to interfere with the flavor of your concentrates. It will hold a sizable amount of concentrate as well, so refilling is required less often. Quartz also does an admirable job of retaining heat and spreading it evenly over a large surface area, just what you need for a perfect vape. What makes this coil shine is its superb adjustable airflow. You can get just the right amount of vapor every time. The Leak Proof Technology in this coil was designed and trademarked by KandyPens, and it does a phenomenal job of preventing both leaks and clogs. As is the case with most products from KandyPens, this coil contains no wicks, glues, or dies.

KandyPens Vaporizers have been turning heads in the vaping community by winning numerous awards. The Galaxy by KandyPens has been named the Best Vaporizer of 2016 by High Times Magazine and has also been honored as Best Vape Pen of 2015 by The Vape Critic. This trendy brand has also been embraced by many popular musical artists who vape, and the brand's cool designs are only increasing the appeal of KandyPens.

KandyPens is based in Santa Barbara, California. The brand's immersion in vaping culture is what gives them an edge when it comes to producing top-shelf vape pens. Many of the designers for KandyPens also vape and they keep their ears to the ground to assess the changes in the vaping marketplace. This feedback is taken into account in the design and development of new vaporizers for dry herbs, essential oils, and concentrates.

All devices by this brand are subjected to the highest standards of quality and must pass many controls before they are approved for market. The brand maintains all current industry standard certifications for safety, so you can purchase these vape pens and replacement parts with confidence that you are getting a reliable unit that will perform as expected each time.

If you care about the overall quality of your vaping experience, choosing one of these coils is both smart and economical. You really have to taste the difference to appreciate what the coil can do, because a description just doesn't do it justice.

While you are shopping for a Tornado Coil by KandyPens, take some time to explore our entire inventory of vaporizers and accessories for vaping concentrates. We also have premium tanks, mods, and accessories for those who prefer to vape traditional e-liquids. If you have a question about these coils or any of the products we offer, please contact us so that one of our friendly team members can assist you.

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