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Torpedo Domeless Nails

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Torpedo Domeless Nails

The Torpedo series of domeless nails contains some of the finest pieces of vaping equipment available for those who prefer vaporizing waxy concentrates or thick essential oils. The Torpedo brand is synonymous with high-quality, which is why we stock several of their amazing nail heads in our inventory. Torpedo domeless nails are OEM parts, so you know you can count on their reliability and lifespan. Each nail head is built from a premium piece of material and shaped to the specification of the customer. Our selection includes both male and female attachments for both 14 and 18 millimeter devices, and the material is either ceramic or titanium, two of the best heat insulators available on the market. That means they will hold heat longer than steel or aluminum heads, which translates to less butane being spent to reheat the head. Our selection also includes two carb caps.

The first two Torpedo domeless nails in our inventory are quite similar, but there are a few unique differences that make them individualistic. The first nail is the Quattro T4 4 in 1 Titanium Domeless Nail, and the second is the Quattro 4 in 1 Titanium Domeless Nail. Both are made from the same Grade 2 titanium, and they each have a modular design that allows them to be disassembled and reassembled with the heating chamber on either side of the base. This means they can fit both a male and female device, and they can both fit 14 and 18 millimeter joints. The primary difference between these two units is their design. The T4 is milled with a cylindrical cone base and rounded heating chamber for a vortex effect in the air flow. It is also slightly more aesthetically pleasing than the sharper-edged standard Quattro 4 in 1.

The next two Torpedo nails are also quite similar, but they have one important difference. The 2 in 1 Titanium 10mm Domeless Nail is made to work with 10mm joints, either male or female, while the 2 in 1 Titanium Domeless Nail is made to work with male and female joints in either 14 or 18mm. The 10mm nail has a modular design so it can be adjusted to fit nearly any 10mm joint, and the standard nail is milled to fit ground joints from a single end, so it has no modular components. They are both made from the same premium titanium and have a large heating disc.

Buckets by Torpedo

The Female Titanium 14/18mm Bucket by Torpedo is a unique piece of equipment in our inventory of Torpedo products. It uses the complex bucket design to create a carb effect inside the heating chamber. The rotating arm lowers the carb into the chamber after the vaping material has been completely vaporized. It is made from Grade 2 titanium and can fit both 14 and 18 mm ground joints.

The Male Titanium Domeless Nail is made to work with 14 or 18mm ground joints, and it has the same Grade 2 titanium construction as the rest of the Torpedo lineup. This unit is perfect if you know you only need a male attachment since it lacks the modular design seen in some of the other units. It works with both solid waxy concentrates and essential oils as well, so you can enjoy your favorite materials with one attachment.

The carb caps in our inventory, like the Titanium Carb Cap, are nearly identical, except one is made from ceramic while the other is made from titanium. They both include a dabbing tool on the end of the handle, and they can fit many 14 and 18mm devices. The remaining items in our Torpedo inventory are ceramic versions of the same designs found in their titanium products.