Tr4 Blu by Taffy Man E-Liquid


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When you think about the beach, you might think about the smells of the saltwater off the ocean and the taffy that is made in some of the candy shops or that can be seen in most of the souvenir shops. Tr4 Blu by Taffy Man E-Liquid takes you to the beach without leaving home with the delicate blueberry flavors that are found in the 30ml bottles. This is a liquid for all of those who enjoy candy as well as those who enjoy visiting the coast and being near the ocean breeze. 


Product Description

Tr4 Blu by Taffy Man E-Liquid is one of the top flavors that are on the market when it comes to vaping liquids. There are a few different notes to the liquid that you can detect, some that are immediate. When you open the bottle, you are greeted with the intense aroma of blueberries. The smell gently whisks you away to another land, one that is full of other candies that blend with the blueberry to make an enjoyable piece of taffy. When you begin vaping the liquid, you are greeted with blue raspberry notes that have a hint of cream. The creamy notes coat the tongue, making it sweeter than it already is due to the berries. 

This is one of the classic flavors of blueberry that has been upgraded. It has a pale color and features an image of a blue goo on the front of the bottle and on the box. The image almost looks like taffy that has been melted and placed on the box, giving an indication as to what you can expect in regards to taste and aroma. There are several different blueberries that have combined together to form the flavors that you get from the liquid. It's not just one hint of blueberry that yo might get with a piece of candy or a beverage that has been artificially flavored. When you inhale the liquid before vaping, it's one that is similar to what you might get from a cereal. You can also imagine a hint of freshly picked blueberries that are placed in a basket with the juice squeezed from them and put in a bowl. The vape is one that is smooth and enticing whether you're vaping the blueberry liquid or whether it's someone who is getting the aroma of the smoke as it comes from the vaping experience.

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