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CRFT continues to impress with their line of artesian eliquids. Today we're examining their proprietary Trail Mix blend, which is a stunningly accurate rendition of the real deal - within this eliquid, you'll find flavors like nuts, berries, and dried fruits, each of which will be distinctly recognizable within the flavor profile as you vape. CRFT makes an impressive eliquid, and this offering is no exception whatsoever - if you love fruit and nut flavors, this might become your new all day vape.


Product Description

Trail Mix by CRFT Eliquid Flavor Profile

Stop for a moment and picture yourself outside. You're in nature, and it's a cool, crisp morning, perhaps even a little chilly, but you're warm from hiking for the past couple of hours. You realize that you're hungry after all of that exertion, so you reach into your backpack and pull out every hiker's meal of choice: trail mix. You pop a handful into your mouth, and you're greeted by a plethora of flavors - in one bite you get nuts, in another you get berries, and, as you continue to walk through the forest, you taste the tart-yet-sweet flavor of dried fruits.

Vaping CRFT's Trail Mix eliquid can give you this delightful experience no matter where you are - maybe you're at the office or stuck in traffic, but one vape of this eliquid will immediately transport you to the freedom of the trail.

Trail mix, as you might imagine, is a relatively complex flavor profile to emulate well. That's probably why not many manufacturers have tried to replicate it - and fewer have succeeded. CRFT is a daring eliquid company, and we couldn't be happier about the fact that they didn't shy away from the challenge: this trail mix flavor is so spot on that even if trail mix isn't one of your favorite tastes, you won't be able to help being impressed by the pure genius behind it.

When you vape this creation from CRFT, you'll want to close your eyes and really try to experience each individual flavor that makes up a surprisingly impressive whole. You'll definitely get a nutty flavor, but it's going to be accented by a mild, subtle fruit flavor which leans toward tart rather than sweet, just like real dried fruit that you'd find in a bag of trail mix. 

The only deviation from real trail mix found in this delightful blend is the smart addition of a cream flavor. While that's not typically something you'll find with a bag of trail mix, in this case it makes total sense - it adds a smooth undertone and a full body to this eliquid, and without it, we can't honestly say that it would taste quite as good. If you've tried other cream flavors and have found yourself put off by them, Trail Mix from CRFT still warrants a try, absolutely - the cream is understated and really just acts as a way to bring everything together. You won't be disappointed by this proprietary mixture.

Final Thoughts on Trail Mix by CRFT Eliquid

This Trail Mix eliquid strikes the perfect balance between all of the complex flavors that you'd find in a real bag of trail mix - it's yet another example of why CRFT's line of eliquids is so rapidly growing in popularity among vape enthusiasts. You'll also be sure to appreciate the really great, minimal packaging that Trail Mix comes in - CRFT bottles their juice in elegant, compact bottles. You can get Trail Mix in nicotine concentrations of 0, 3, or 6 milligrams, and you'll love every drop found in the 30 milliliter bottle.

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