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Trippy Stix Pens

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Trippy Stix Vapes

Trippy Stix produced the world's very first no-cartridge vaporizer and their entire line of pens are available at at the most competitive prices you will find. For a vaporizer pen that is compact and discreet, Trippy Stix is a great choice and is regularly given the highest rankings and reviews by members of the vaping community.

Trippy Stix Essential Oil Vaporizer

A Trippy Stix essential oil vaporizer is made of premium materials such as titanium and chrome metal. The design of these premium pens includes an air flow system that allows for a deeper pull. The tips of Trippy Stix pens are made of chrome metal to help keep the pen sanitary and provide for a super-clean intake of your favorite e-liquid. Additionally, these pens are stylish and sleek. As you can see, every component of these pens is engineered to contribute to a pleasant vaping experience for everyone from beginners to the experienced. 

Baby Trippy Stix

In addition to the Trippy Stix and Baby Trippy Stix pens, also carries a full complement of replacement parts and accessories for Trippy Sitx vaporizers. We have Trippy Stix chambers and mouthpieces, replacement power cords, and replacement batteries. Everything you need to keep your Trippy Stix in working order and enjoy a great vape is right here. All vaporizers eventually require some repair, but that doesn't mean fixing your Trippy Stix has to be a hassle. We can have your replacement parts shipped out quickly.

Premium Quality Trippy Stix Vaporizers

Designing a premium vaporizer pen requires a lot of time and effort. Let's face it: cheaply made vaporizers just don't deliver the same quality as Trippy Stix pens. The quality all begins with how the e-juice is heated and disbursed. From the chamber to the mouthpiece, every part of a Trippy Stix pen is crafted to deliver vapor in a way that is smooth and never bitter. It isn't uncommon for vapers to make Trippy Stix their go-to pen once they try it. Many order more than one because they are an affordable and convenient way to vape.

The Trippy Stix 2.0

Trippy Stix pens are some of the most highly regarded ones in the marketplace. For those that like the portability and function of a vaporizer pen, Trippy Stix delivers quality construction that is durable. These pens also produce ,a href="/favorite-e-liquid.html">great vapor from your favorite e-juices and allow for a robust hit that leaves you satisfied. A big issue for many vapers with pen vaporizers can be the failure to generate an adequate pull. That is not a concern with Trippy Stix pens due to how they are made. All new Trippy Stix feature a titanium chamber that has been redesigned and improves upon the original 2.0 design.

While you are shopping for Trippy Stix pens, be sure to check out our entire inventory of pens, mods, tanks, premium e-liquids, and replacement parts for your vaporizers. We strive to be an all-inclusive solution for the vaping community and are always available to answer any questions you might have regarding any of our products. Vaping is our passion.