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Trippy Stix Vaporizer Replacement Parts

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Trippy Stix Vaporizer Replacement Parts

Trippy Stix isn't just one of the best brands around for highly-portable and durable vaporizers, they're also one of the coolest. Designed with flair and an appreciation of vaping culture, Trippy Stix blends modern design with impeccable performance. At you will find all of the Trippy Stix Vaporizer Replacement Parts at competitive prices, letting you keep your vaporizer hitting at the top of its game and basking in the coolness that defines Trippy Stix.

Trippy Stix engineered and produced the world's first no-cartridge vaporizer. The stellar features of a Trippy Stix include a compact pen-like design that offers great portability. A Trippy Stix is also easy to use. It offers performance comparable to that of many expensive mods while being a perfect vaporizer for the beginner. Just charge it, fill it, press a button, and vape. Trippy Stix are exceptionally silent and also offer a lock function that will prohibit accidental use and battery discharge. Even though a Trippy Stix vaporizer caters to simplicity, experienced vapers prefer them, too, because of the way they deliver intense flavor in each hit. 

A Trippy Stix Replacement Battery from will allow you to even customize the look of your own Trippy Stix. This battery comes in eight different colors. It is quick to recharge and provides extensive vaping time. The Trippy Stix Trippy Chamber also comes in a variety of colors and holds up to 6 ml of e-juice. The mouthpiece can be removed for easy cleaning. Add a Trippy Stix Replacement Power Cord and you could actually customize your own unique vaporizer to suit your individual tastes while preserving all of the great functionality vapers have come to expect from this brand. 

Trippy Stix Vaporizer Replacement Parts also include the Trippy Stix Replacement Mouthpiece, available in silver or gold. A mouthpiece is sometimes overlooked as one of the more important parts of a vaporizer. It needs to remain clean and free of debris in order to offer a vape that is rich with favor. A Trippy Stix mouthpiece is very easy to remove and replace, requiring only a gentle twist. If you have noticed a decline in the hit delivered by your vaporizer, sometimes replacing the mouthpiece is a good starting point.

Trippy Stix Chamber & Battery

From the chamber to the battery, every component of a Trippy Stix vaporizer is engineered to perform at a high level. Ceramics and quartz top the list of premium materials found in these vaporizers and replacement parts. The Trippy Stix 3.0 battery even includes a micro USB port on the bottom for easy charging. The features rolled out by Trippy Stix could only be envisioned by a brand that respects the vaping lifestyle. All of the brand's creations benefit heavily from feedback received from the vaping community. Each time vapers reference something they would like to see in a vaporizer, Trippy Stix seizes on the concept and sets their research and development specialists to work.

Pure Epic & Trippy Stix Components

Pure Epic, the company behind Trippy Stix, is based in California, the hub of vaporizer production and vaping culture. This positioning allows them to hire the most talented professionals in the field as they continue to evolve the Trippy Stix brand by making better vaporizers that look good in your hand. 

While you are shopping at for Trippy Stix Vaporizer Replacement Parts, be sure to check out our entire line of premium tanks, mods, and accessories. We even have one of the largest selections of designer e-liquids to be found. If you have questions about Trippy Stix vaporizers or their various parts, please do not hesitate to contact us via live chat or email.