Trollie Tuesday by 7 Daze E-Liquid


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Trollie Tuesday e-liquid delivers a tarty taste that tingles the tongue with a multitude of fruit flavors. Just like the gummy worms you love, it is a blend of the best of both worlds - a delicious mix of sour and sweet.


Product Description

We all know that the tastiest sour gummy worms are the multi-colored kind, which are a combo of different fruit flavors coated with sugary sour goodness. Think about how those soft, chewy worms dissolve in your mouth. Imagine how the delectableness rolls on your tongue. Can't you feel your taste buds wriggling with delight at the intense flavor? You can't help but gobble one yummy gummy worm after another, until the bag is empty. Then of course you smack your lips for more because the memory of the amazing taste is still there. That's exactly how a Trollie Tuesday vape hits your senses. You'll definitely want to be the early bird who catches this worm by experiencing Trollie Tuesday.

On the inhale, you get that grand, tangy, sour candy taste. The exhale has a softer intensity, with the sweetness of a variety of luscious fruits. The fruit taste can be described in a lot of ways. It's akin to a bowl of different fun flavors of jiggling, gelatin cubes. It's like fruit cocktail in that delightfully thick syrup. It's like an exotic fruit punch you can't stop dipping into. Combined with the succulent sour, you have an explosion of awesome gummy worm flavor. You'll want to just keep vaping on and on because that sour/sweet sensation is so exquisite. 

But despite the tartness and fruitiness, Trollie Tuesday is an extremely smooth e-juice. It is loaded with taste, but neither the sour nor the sweet is too overpowering. With a VG of 70% and a PG of 30%, it gives a pleasantly subtle, but satisfying throat hit and produces a beautiful, billowy vapor. 7 Daze makes their products in Los Angeles, handcrafting all of them using only the best quality ingredients.

Trollie Tuesday is available in your choice of nicotine levels of 3 MG, 6 MG, and 12 MG and of course, 0 MG, if you want the great gummy worm taste but not the nicotine. 

You will definitely want to open this can of worms by vaping Trollie Tuesday any day of the week. Cheers to sour power!

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