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Tropical Mix by DRYD E-Liquid proves that a great fruit blend doesn't need to use five or six different flavors to achieve perfection. All you will find here is the taste of strawberries and kiwi. The difference between this e-juice and others which use the same flavors is that you can actually taste each profile. The strawberries are succulent and sweet, the kiwi is slightly tart, and the whole is simple but unlike any other mix you've tried.


Product Description

A fancy mix of flavors in an e-liquid is great, but this blend proves that keeping things simple isn't a bad thing at all. The first thing you will notice is the taste of ripened strawberries that were freshly picked at the height of their sweetness. The sweet nature of this flavor is identifiable but subtle. On top of this are notes of tangy kiwi fruit. What you receive is complete balance between two of the primary tastes your palette is programmed to recognize—sweet and sour.

You'll probably have nostalgic feelings of sipping a cool drink at the beach when you try Tropical Mix by DRYD E-Liquid. While it is certainly tropical in the feelings it evokes, it's simple mix of basic flavors means that you can vape it all day in a variety of situations. It doesn't become bitter or tasteless as you vape it, and many vapers report that they are using it as a go-to vape because it comes across in an authentic way.

Another great choice from this maker is Premium Mix by DRYD E-Liquid. This mix uses tart, crisp apples and sweet, juicy pears to exceed expectations for a simple flavor combination. It's tangy start is balanced by a sweet finish that also has a pleasant, soft aroma. You'll probably want to add a bottle of this one to your collection as summer approaches because it is great for those hot, lazy afternoons.

Both varieties come in a generous 120ml bottle that has a convenient dropper which reduces waste and spillage when you fill your tank. Nicotine consistencies of 0, 3, and 6mg are available to suit each individual preference. The VG rating of this e-juice is very high, and that means you can get ready to do some serious cloud chasing. The blends are perfectly suited to sub tanks, and vaping them at low resistances only brings out their outstanding flavor even more.

Mad Duck Vapors created DRYD E-Liquid with the simple philosophy to keep things basic while doing basic things better than everyone else. This means hiring a team of talented mixologists who spend months designing and testing these mixes. It means using a network of premium suppliers across the country in a quest to obtain high-quality raw materials and premium grade nicotine. Finally, it means taking time with the process to make sure it is done right.

Steeping for DRYD E-Liquids is some of the most complex in the industry. It is done in clean rooms that meet all requirements for industry-standard certification. This process is not rushed, and that is why you'll be able to taste individual flavors in addition to the total package. No additional steeping is required for these e-juices when you receive them.

While you are shopping for a bottle of Tropical Mix by DRYD E-Liquid, be sure to check out all of the e-juices in our large collection. It's one of the biggest you will find at any online retailer and contains all the top brands. We also have premium mods, tanks, and just about every accessory you can think of. If you have a question about this e-juice or any of the items we carry, please contact us so that one of our friendly team members can assist you.

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