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A dessert vape juice masterpiece, Tru Blue by Kilo E-liquid is a spot-on rendition of the creamy deliciousness of a rich blueberry custard. This California based premium e-liquid manufacturer entered the highly competitive premium vape juice market in 2014 and by the next year was winning awards for quality and originality.


Product Description

Creamy vapes seem to be this maker's forte, and Tru Blue by Kilo E-Liquid is a fine example of the maker's smoothly superior creamy creation skills.

Tru Blue by Kilo E-Liquid has the smoothly complex flavors of a thick, rich custard prepared by a person that knows the difference between a pudding and a custard. Lightly sweetened, so the flavors of the blueberries always taste true, this creamy vape juice treat is a delight to the senses. This is a well balanced vape juice, with a feel-good sort of throat hit, not too heavy and not too light, and produces creamy, aromatic clouds for a fully satisfying vape experience.

Creamy dessert vape juice fans can expect to fall in love with this Kilo E-Liquid creation. This is not an overly sweet vape. To capture that true blueberry flavor, it can't be too sweet at all. Instead, when vaping Tru Blue by Kilo E-Liquid, you can savor the flavor of the blueberry as it develops during the inhale and exhale. You taste the sweet of the blueberry, then the tart, wrapped in a smooth custard that brings a delicious fullness and balance to the overall taste.

It takes talent to create excellence when it comes to cream flavors, talent and careful ingredient selection. Kilo E-Liquid is an e-liquid maker tightly focused on quality. They use only the finest ingredients and take their sweet time when it comes to flavor development. The Kilo E-Liquid flavor masters have a tight list of five flavors that they've crafted to perfection. This focus on quality is exactly what has pushed Kilo E-Liquid to the e-juice flavor forefront so quickly, building a solid reputation for superior vape juice flavor creation.

Tru Blu by Kilo E-Liquid is available in a range of nicotine levels, including 0 mg for those that have moved beyond nicotine into pure, pleasurable flavor. If you're a fan of true blueberry flavor and thoroughly enjoy a fine, well made custard, this is the vape juice flavor for you. Whether you vape it as the dessert of your day, put it in the regular rotation of your e-liquid favorites, or just can't resist making it your top all day vape, you'll be glad you chose Tru Blu by Kilo E-Liquid.

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