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Unicorn E-Liquid

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Exciting Unicorn E-Juice

Unicorn E-Liquid is a new brand brought to you by The Schwartz E-Liquid, a company that is synonymous with introducing exciting flavors to the vaping community. Now, the company has created the Unicorn E-Liquid brand to introduce Burst, a fruit-filled cornucopia of incredible taste. One hit and you'll instantly recognize the quality of this premium e-juice.

Burst by Unicorn E-Liquid combines the tropical tastes of fresh strawberries and ripe kiwi. This combination has become very popular recently, but few companies pull it off like Unicorn. Each note of fruity goodness blends in a complementary way that is not overpowering and never bitter. You can vape Burst from morning until night and it produces a pleasant hit that doesn't become harsh. Some fruit-flavored vapes on the market just won't hold up as a go-to choice. Burst will. 

Burst is available in a unique package of six 30ml bottles and comes in nicotine strengths of 0, 3, 6, and 12mg. The flagship of the new Unicorn E-Liquids brand, Burst, is sure to follow in the footsteps of other flavors created by The Schwartz E-Liquid.

Great Tasting Burst by Unicorn E-Liquid

Based in Long Beach, California, the goal of The Schwartz E-Liquid was always to create unique flavors that stood apart from the same old standard fare. The way they originally went about this was to consider yogurt as a base for their flavors. The result was a group of e-liquids that have garnered praise and good reviews for their creative presentation: The Upside, Comb the Desert, The Downside, and Ludicrous Speed. The company then expanded their line to include the Naked 100 family of flavors, a Hawaiian-themed mix of cool fruit blends. Now, Unicorn E-Liquid joins The Schwartz Family and is poised to become the company's latest success.

Many elements go into producing great-tasting vapors. Unicorn E-Liquid employs a team of skilled mixologists and scientists that devote hours of time and effort in The Schwartz's Long Beach clean rooms to perfect their unique recipes. These guys are vapers, too, so they understand what makes an e-liquid superior. Each bottle of Burst is subjected to quality control standards that are nothing short of what you would expect. The company understands that the key to bringing vapers back is not just great flavor but consistency and originality.

Unicorn E-Liquid is High Quality & Great Tasting

Vapers like to choose e-liquid flavors that reflect their own individual personality and style. Vaping is a culture that attracts free-spirited people. Those kinds of people find it hard get satisfaction from the status quo and look for something different. Burst by Unicorn E-Liquid draws on a traditional fruit taste but refines it in such a way that the flavor is refreshingly original. You may have tasted a strawberry-kiwi e-liquid before but this flavor is distinct. In the future vapers can expect Unicorn E-Liquid to keep pushing the envelope and exploring more fruit combinations just as The Schwartz did with yogurt.

After you try a bottle of Burst by Unicorn E-Liquid, be sure to explore some of the original flavors produced by The Schwartz. They have become classics and belong in your stash of designer e-juices. Our guess is that you will soon be adding your own positive review of these premium brands. The satisfaction level reported by those that sample Burst is high and most would recommend it to their vaping friends.

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