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The Unicorn is a beautifully inspired fairy tale creature whose delightful image sends people into the glittering magical kingdom in our mind. Perhaps that's why this amazingly lovely little creature keeps reappearing in so many forms, like dolls, books, and now, in a delicious flavor of E-Liquid.


Product Description

The incredible image of the Unicorn has inspired many a fairy tale and many a teller of tales and singer of songs, and that is why Unicorn Puke by Los Art Liquids is an E-Juice that has to be tasted to be believed. Yes, the wonderfully magical one-horned, winged Unicorn even has puke that's glittering, colorful and frankly, in this new flavor of E-Juice, as tasty as can be.

Imagine a scoop of Rainbow-hued, multi-colored pink and blue sherbet ice cream, all swirled around to delicious perfection. Now imagine taking a draw on this one of a kind flavor, and letting the sweet taste of sherbet sting a bit on your tongue, as you take in every bit of this amazing taste sensation. This is an E-Juice flavor you'll be coming back for again and again, which is why Unicorn Puke by Lost Art Liquids is becoming a flavor that is requested again and again and again by serious vape enthusiasts who take their E-Juice taste seriously.

The mix-masters at Lost Art Liquids know all about how to create magic in their E-Liquid mix. The carefully curated taste of Unicorn Puke E-Juice was created through a careful selection of only the finest ingredients, which were then carefully combined to create a flavor that could hold up to this brand's exacting quality standards. This flavor was blended and then tasted, remixed and retasted, blended and then tasted again, to ensure that this special E-Juice flavor was as delicious as can be, with a taste that trips lightly on the tongue draw after draw after draw.

There's no question that Unicorn Puke by Lost Art Liquids is an E-Juice flavor that vapes will be coming back for more again and again. As long as there is magic in the world and a place for little Unicorns to frolic, there will certainly be a demand for the uniquely refreshing taste of Unicorn Puke E-Liquid by Lost Art Liquids.

Choose your own Unicorn Puke nicotine level from 0mg to 3mg, 6mg, 8mg, 12mg or 18mg, to have the one-horned amp level of your choice!

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