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Uwell Tanks

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  • Crown 2 Tank Coils by Uwell

    Crown 2 Tank Coils by Uwell are available in three different resistances to add maximum versatility to the Crown 2 sub tank. These coils feature superior construction and either SUS316 or Kanthal heating wire to produce a perfect vape each time. Whether you prefer large clouds, vibrant flavor, or a mixture of both, you can tailor your sub ohm vaping experience to your own preferences with these coils.

  • Crown 2 Sub Ohm Tank by Uwell

    The Crown 2 Sub Ohm Tank by Uwell is a precision-crafted rig that is both durable and versatile. It can accommodate coils in three different resistances to encompass all of the qualities that are prized by those who sub ohm vape. Expansive clouds of vapor and flavor that is big and bold define this tank. While packed with innovate features designed for optimum performance, this tank is surprisingly affordable.


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  • Crown 3 Sub Ohm Tank by Uwell

    Uwell releases a new version of their flagship tank, the Crown 3 Sub Ohm Tank by Uwell. Its revolutionary design masters all of the staple features of sub ohm tanks. From buttery smooth airflow to beautifully polished machining, this 24.5mm tank will become your new all-day tank. The tank’s gigantic 5ml e-juice capacity will last you all day and more. The stainless steel construction and anti-leak threaded will also leave you amazed. If you’re looking to get into sub ohm tanks, pick this up now!


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Uwell Vape Tanks

For Sub Tanks that are durable and made of high-quality components, look no farther that Uwell Tanks. These tanks offer optimum performance and all of the qualities that Sub Tanks are known for. They produce voluminous clouds of vapor that rival those of more expensive models, and the flavor is rich and robust. Sub Ohm vaping is arguably the most popular form of vaping e-liquids today, and these tanks incorporate the latest technology and innovations to produce units that are both durable and affordable.

Experience Comes With Uwell Sub Tanks

Uwell was founded on the principle of strong customer service and brand integrity. From the beginning they committed themselves to only producing Sub Tanks from the highest quality materials and subjecting them to rigorous quality controls and testing. The excellence of Uwell Tanks begins with an experienced team of research and development professionals that spend countless hours in the company's labs to perfect each product. They labor over the right combinations of materials to use and are constantly looking for ways to expand the functionality of the Sub Tank as it is known today. Sub Tanks are vaporizers that are designed to vape at resistances of less than 1 ohm. As such, they present their own unique challenges and concerns in terms of safety and quality. Products from Uwell meet all of the current industry standard certifications and are regularly subjected to controls that preserve consistency.

Crown 2 Sub Tank by Uwell

One of the hallmarks of Uwell is the Crown 2 Sub Ohm Tank by Uwell. This powerful little tank has a wealth of features that begin with a Delrin insulated drip tip. It is also designed for filling from the top in a manner that reduces the possibility of spillage and waste. The tank can hold up to 5 ml of e-liquid for massively long vaping sessions, and three different coil resistances are available. The 0.25 ohm coil will deliver incredible clouds of vapor. The 0.5 ohm model balances vapor production and flavor. Finally, the 0.8 ohm design is best for maximum flavor and lower levels of e-liquid consumption. These tanks are really designed to accommodate a wide variety of preferences, but all of them benefit from certain aspects such as a superior chimney design that makes flavor explode with each inhale.

Discover Uwell Coils & Tanks

You can purchase individual Crown 2 Tank Coils by Uwell in resistances of 0.5, 0.8, and 0.25 ohms, so changing between one or the other is affordable and easy. That makes the tanks extremely versatile and practical for different scenarios. There are times when you want massive vapor, and there are times when you prefer more flavor. Because these coils are so affordable and long lasting, you'll want to keep one in each resistance on hand. 

Uwell Sub Ohm Tanks

Sub Ohming is a very specific niche of the vaping community. Those who use Sub Tanks are particular about their rigs. Uwell has gained a strong following and garnered many positive ratings and reviews because they pay attention to the little details which make a big difference. To have success as a brand in this niche, a company has to develop brand loyalty through trust. The brand doesn't take shortcuts, and they don't look to merely duplicate the successes of others. Instead, they look to blaze their own trail.

While you are shopping for Uwell Tanks, be sure to check out all of the tanks, mods, and RDA components in our large inventory. We also have an astounding number of e-juices from all of the most popular brands. If you have a question or concern about these tanks, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email so that we can help.