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Vamped Batteries

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Powerful Vamped Batteries

Vamped Batteries pack a lot of power into a small package. Batteries from this brand are exceptional choices, especially for Sub Ohm vaping. The brand makes use of superior technology to produce batteries that offer a longer duration of life while making use of short circuit protection and being friendly to the environment. 

Batteries for vaping are not all created equal. It is important to familiarize yourself to some degree with battery chemistry and function before you choose a replacement for your tank or mod. Using the wrong battery can cause poor performance, damage your vaporizer, and even pose a safety risk when venting. recommends that you only purchase batteries from brands and retailers that you can trust, and Vamped is a company that meets this requirement. The designers at Vamped understand all the nuances of battery construction, and the company also employs rigorous testing that includes customer simulation under a variety of conditions. Nothing is left to chance in the inspection of the finished product. 

Sub Tanks are for vaping at resistances of less than 1 ohm. This type of vaping increases the load on a battery. When batteries are called upon to do more than they are capable of, the result is often failure. Sometimes failure results in venting which can cause the battery to catch on fire. This is why you should choose Vamped, a battery brand that has a proven track record of performing well in Sub Tanks.

The Vamped 18650 Battery comes in the size that is compatible with a large number of vaporizers. It can be used in both mechanical mods and APVs. It features 2300 mAh and a 40 amp high energy density. Those who use Vamped Batteries often note the quick heating time, large clouds of vapor, and reluctance of the battery to become overheated as strong selling points. Overheating is a big issue with many poorly made batteries, especially in Sub Tanks. This is not a problem with the Vamped brand. The abbreviation mAh in a battery's description stands for Milliamp hours and is meant to reflect the overall capacity of the battery. A higher mAh rating will offer the longest duration of life. The trade-off for this can often be a reduction in amperage. Vamped Batteries do a good job of finding the middle ground and providing adequate performance on both sides of the equation, a primary reason they are used in many Sub Tanks.

Improved Vamped Mod Batteries

Vamped has clearly spent time in research and development that takes feedback from vapers into consideration. As the company evaluates new technologies, their brand of batteries continues to improve. These batteries feature a quick charging time and are incredibly durable. The hit delivered from a vaporizer that is powered by Vamped is strong and robust. Only a few batteries on the market today succeed in all levels the way that Vamped does. They have chosen to focus on doing one thing and doing it better than their competitors.

Another great feature of these Vamped Vapor Cells is their affordability. The market is full of batteries that cost more but fail to deliver the same level of performance. Many vapers choose to purchase more than one of these batteries so they can always keep a spare at the ready.

Batteries & Other Mod Parts

While you are shopping for Vamped Batteries, be sure to check out our entire inventory of tanks, mods, and replacement components. If you have questions about the proper type of battery for your vaporizer, we have a knowledgeable and friendly customer service staff that is ready to assist you via our live chat system or email. Our responses are fast and thorough.