Vanilla Almond Milk by MOO E-Liquids


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Is there anything as scrumptiously tasty as the flavor of sweet, rich vanilla, combined with the smoothly divine taste of real almonds, all combined into a tasty almond milk? It really doesn't get any better than this, which is why Vanilla Amond Milk by MOO e-Liquids was created.


Product Description

The taste and texture of scrumptious Vanilla bean and sweet almond milk tantalize the tongue on every inhale, and the exhale brings on an extra dose of that incredibly delicious flavor. Vanilla Almond Milk by MOO e-Liquids is an exquisitely tasty treat that's so good, you'll want to have it as your all day and all evening e-Juice. The incredibly full-bodied flavor of this very tasty e-Juice makes it a taste to be savored. This is a taste you can draw on night and day without ever craving another flavor. The rich, slightly nutty taste of Vanilla Almond Milk by MOO e-Liquids will have you coming back for more and more and even more. 

Yes, Vanilla Almond Milk by MOO E-Liquids is a crave-able taste that's decadent in just the right way, because it's absolutely delicious! This amazing E-juice comes from the kitchens of MOO E-Liquids in sunny Orange County, California. This e-Liquid brand stands by the milky, rich taste of all of its e-Liquids, which have a smooth, full taste that tantalizes the tongue with every inhale.

There's no surprise in the quality of the e-Liquids that come from the MOO E-Liquid kitchens. The mixers and tasters at MOO know their vapes well, and they go out of their way to select the very best quality ingredients for every e-Liquid they create. The unique flavors from the MOO E-Liquid kitchens are carefully blended, then tasted and blended and tasted and tested again, until the very best combination of flavors is achieved. These flavors are then personally sampled by the mixers themselves over a period of weeks, to ensure that these e-Liquids have a great taste on the inhale and the exhale that can stand up for weeks and weeks of vaping enjoyment. Only when this entire process is completed can these tasty e-Liquids be released with the MOO e-Liquids label. Just look for the smiley cow face on every 30ml bottle!

When it's time to really enjoy a vape taste that lasts and lasts, try scrumptious Vanilla Almond Milk by MOO e-Liquids today. Order a 30ml bottle, to make you have enough to last through several vapes without running low on this delicious taste. Choose your nicotine level, from 0 to 3 to 6mg, so you get the tasty amp of your desire. 

Happy MOO-ing!

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