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Vanilla Bean by Solace Salts E-Liquid draws on freshly scooped ice cream as its flavor inspiration. It hits the mark perfectly in taste as it is sweet and creamy in essence while still providing genuinely striking vapor at exhalation. As a nicotine salt product, every draw promises to be smooth and easy. It also means that this e-liquid should be coupled with a non-sub ohm unit with low wattage for the best vaporization outcomes. Overall, users will be treated to idyllic sessions. 


Product Description

Vanilla Bean by Solace Salts E-Liquid catapults vaping sessions into the realm of perfection. Its flavor is an ideal balance of sweetness and creaminess that many will find inherent in literal ice cream. The rounded out taste never leaves a sticky residue that coats the mouth. The dense cloud that is exhaled after a draw completes the satisfying experience of using this e-liquid. 

Vanilla Bean's VG percentage is 50% and the PG percentage is also 50%. It's formulated in this way to let the flavor in the PG to be realized, while letting the VG's concentration to allow the vapor to be intense. Also, because Vanilla Bean is a nicotine salt e-liquid, low wattage devices work perfectly when paired with it. Generally, pod or cartridge style devices are the go-to products for vaporization. Every attribute of this e-liquid was specifically designed to produce optimum vaping experiences.

Vanilla Bean by Solace Salts E-Liquid comes with an eye dropper style lid. It is housed in a 15mL bottle. The nicotine concentration is available in 30mg or 50mg. Because of the intensity of the nicotine, sessions only require a few draws to yield the user's preferred nicotine intake. The degree of the dilution in Vanilla Bean's nicotine also ensures that refills are infrequent even though users will use this product again and again. 

Another option of flavoring is Latte by Solace Salts E-Liquid. Latte is the perfect nicotine salt e-liquid counterpart for a warm cup of coffee. The unmistakable essence of a warm brewed cup fresh from a barista is delicious and satisfying. The flavor is appetizing, but not to the detriment of the vapor. This concentrated, fun flavor would be a welcome addition in any collection.

Dragonthol by Solace Salts E-Liquid is another unique flavor in their line of nicotine salt e-liquids. The flavor still boasts the 50/50 VG/PG ratio, a 15mL package size, and a nicotine salt base. However, the addition of menthol into the formula gives it a soothing, cooling effect that will relax users into every draw they take. It is unique among the other flavors, but is still of a premium quality.

Solace Salts E-Liquid pushed themselves to create affordable, high quality, and concentrated nicotine salt e-liquids. Since opening their doors, they have not only achieved that, but they also formulated an expansive variety of flavors. They want each customer to be able to find the right flavor for them without having to sacrifice the benefits of having a nicotine salt e-liquid on hand for their sessions. 

While you determine if Vanilla Bean is the right Solace Salts flavor variety for you, feel free to look through the complete line of Solace Salts products available at We have also made available intensive lines of mods, tanks, pens, accessories, etc. to our customers. If you have any questions, please contact our customer care team.

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