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The Vape Pen Plus Kit by SMOK unifies the comfort of an extremely compact device with the power of a .25ohm battery. Standing at approximately just 4.66" tall and .96" wide, the pen is flawlessly miniature. The size does not come at the cost of vapor filled inhales and cloud dense exhales as the rechargeable battery heats the products perfectly. The integrated e-liquid refill system has a larger slot that allows users to replenish the pen without having to worry about spilling any juice.


Product Description

The Vape Pen Plus Kit by SMOK is an all inclusive kit that lets vapers have a fulfilling session. The pen has an airflow slot built into the body of the device to allow every draw to be enjoyed to its fullest point. It has in internal .25 ohm dual coil that creates the perfect heating environment for e-liquids. The single button activation make the pen simple to use and ultimately produces a convenient experience.

The liquid capacity in the Vape Pen Plus is 4mL, so users will be able to have a solid session before needing to refill the device. Additionally, the rechargeable 3000mAh battery is able to carry the device through several uses before needing to be recharged. A side light display around the activation button provide vapers with useful information. Every time a draw it taken, the light blinks four times. 15 blinks from the light means that the pen needs to be plugged in. Users will never be left guessing when their Vape Pen Plus is out of power. 

Another pen-style product from SMOK is the Vape Pen 22 Kit. This kit's battery has slightly less run time with its 1650mAh, rechargeable battery. However, the dual coil core still allows user to have intense, clean draws that are never lacking in cloud payoff. This product breaks down into five pieces for easy cleaning and maintenance and is available in a fun variety of colors. 

Some users may be looking for a device that provides more intensive technological data. The G150 Kit with TFV8 Big Baby by SMOK is an e-liquid vaporizer that has two parts. First, the battery unit backdrop for the OLED screen display is the G150 Kit component. A vast variety of information is displayed here from battery life to temperature to voltage, users will see a comprehensive presentation of device information. The TFV8 Big Baby tank is able to hold 5mL of product, has an adjustable airflow system, and has a 510 thread male attachment. The Baby-Q2 dual heating coils bring every e-liquid to a perfect level of vaporization.

SMOK, the maker of the above mentioned products, opened their doors more than five years ago. Since then, they have pushed themselves to create innovative vaporizing products that establish a standard of excellence. Their drive to make admirable tanks, mods, and accessories eventually led to them making their own line of e-liquid products. Not ones to leave any stone un-turned, they also host several vaping conventions and discussions throughout the year as a way to evolve and stay in tune with the vaping community.

As you examine the Vape Pen Plus Kit by SMOK, feel free to look through all of We seek to provide as many tanks, mods, e-liquids, and supplies as possible to our customers so that they know they have quality products in their collections across the board. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our customer service team.

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