Vape the Rainbow by Phillip Rocke Signature Series E-Liquid


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If you're looking for a vaping liquid that features colorful notes that are sweet, then consider Vape the Rainbow by Phillip Rocke Signature Series E-Liquid. This is a liquid that features fruity notes as well as a few sweet notes.


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It's a liquid that will easily become your favorite, since it does feature the sweeter notes instead of those that are savory. It's best when consumed at a lower temperature so that you can detect the hints of the berries and vanilla that combine together to make it seem like you are enjoying a pastry, such as a cake or a donut.

When you look at the bottle, you will see a lot of color on the front, similar to what you might expect from a rock concert. There are swirls on the bottle, giving way to what you smell when you open the lid. One of the aromas that you notice when you first open the bottle is strawberry with hints of cherry and blueberry. You can picture the design as a bag of Skittles with various colors of candy on the label. This is one of the most popular flavors offered by the company. Many enjoy the fruit flavors that are offered as you can taste somewhat of a bag of candies while vaping. The flavors coat the tongue once you begin vaping.

One way to imagine Vape the Rainbow by Phillip Rocke Signature Series E-Liquid is to think about taking a bag of fruit candies and eating all of them at the same time. Not all of the flavor notes can be detected with the aroma, though. This is an all-day vape since there are lighter notes instead of those that are heavy. The complexity of the flavors is one that users enjoy as well. There is just the right touch of citrus flavor to balance the sweetness. The liquid is brewed in small batches so that all of the flavors combine together. All of the notes are balanced so that you aren't getting one over another. There is a creamy undertone when you're vaping the liquid. You can smell the creamy notes when you exhale, making this a liquid that is enjoyable on all levels. This liquid is ideal for enjoying on a regular basis while watching television or while reading a book.

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    I love this flavor

    I have been vaping for about 8 months and this is by far my favorite juice yet. It is a perfect fruit blend that isn't to sweet. I have tried many other juices and I can't find anything that comes close.

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