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Strong Vape Wire Selection Available

Getting vape wire doesn't have to be an intimidating or daunting task in any way. That's because Got Vape is available to help you locate the best vape wire choices that are available to you. Our team members are vaporization aficionados who know the ins and outs of these wires. They know exactly how they operate. That's why we can help customers find wires that are 100 percent appropriate for their individual needs. If you're looking for wire that can give you the joy of enhanced flavor, we have some excellent choices for you. If you're looking for wire that can give you increased vapor, on the other hand, our quality choices are just as plentiful.

Strudiest Kanthal Wires on the market

We stock some top-tier Kanthal wires for vaping enthusiasts. These wires have many fans in the vaping world due to affordability. They also have significant heat tolerance. Kanthal wires, as a result, don't need temperature controllers. Kanthal wires are just the beginning of the superb wire choices that await you at the extensive Got Vape website, however!

Our wire listings can help you decide which product is most appropriate for your vaporization goals. If you adore sub ohm vaping and fantastic taste, we have 10 ft. straight Kanthal wires that may pique your interest. These wires create large vapor clouds that don't interfere with your herb's amazing flavoring. That's definitely a big deal. These Kanthal wires are made in five convenient gauge options. They range between 20g (gauge) and 28g.

Clapton wires

Clapton wires have many dedicated followers as well. People who want pre-wrapped vape wire that can simplify the job of coil replacement and building may want to investigate these guys. These wires are also known for dense vapors that don't disrupt great herb flavoring at all. Vapers who are constantly searching for high amounts of vapor often depend on the conveniences of Clapton wires.

Straight Kanthal Wires

We don't only offer straight Kanthal wires here at Got Vape. We can also help people who prefer their Kanthal wires to be on the twisted side. Our twisted wires, just like their straight counterparts, are also 10 feet in length. Vapers who are looking to take care of their RBA (Rebuildable Atomizer) tank coil building duties can trust these wires fully. These wires can even be a great option for people who want extra surface. This surface space is all thanks to their braided style.

Pro Competition Vape Wire

We stock pro competition wire that's 100 feet long (28g). Fans of efficient and smooth cloud chasing success by be interested in this kind of vape wire. It can work like a charm for great sub ohm coil builds. If you're someone who loves speedy heating, this competition wire may be able to give you a lot of pleasure and enjoyment.

Got Vape is a reputable Southern California company that's all about top-notch vaporization supplies. Vaping lovers everywhere are more than familiar with our incredible product offerings. If you're shopping for sturdy, reliable and effective wire for your vaping enjoyment, you can depend on us fully. If you're shopping for any other kind of vaping product out there, you can depend on us with equal intensity. Contact our kind and patient customer service team as soon as possible for more information on our superb vaporization supplies. We can give you invaluable guidance that involves vape wire, portable vaporizers, e-liquids, mechanical mods, wax pens, dab nails, digital vaporizers, sub ohm tanks, atomizers, clearomizers, vapor pens and much more. Our associates can help you select vape wire that can give you exactly what you want. That's vaping relaxation and ease. Contact us today for more information.