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Vaping Rabbit E-Liquid

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  • Gold Salt by The Milkman E-Liquid

    Gold Salt by the Milkman E-Liquid is a smooth, traditional tobacco-flavored juice. The Milkman uses only the highest quality Virginia tobacco leaves when crafting this robust, subtle-yet-strong e-liquid. With notes of honey and sweet cream, each draw provides a unique flavor profile aimed at highlighting the very best in the taste of the tobacco leaf. Gold Salt comes in a convenient 30 ml bottle and works with any pod vaping system designed for salt liquids.

  • Strudelhaus by The Milkman E-Liquid

    Strudelhaus by The Milkman E-Liquid literally bursts with so many unique flavors that you'll need several vaping sessions to fully appreciate them all. This e-juice was inspired by the taste of the iconic German pastry. It has notes of flaky strudel, sweet blueberries, and rich cream. To top it all off are hints of powdered sugar. You'll get an authentic taste of the Alps when you put this boutique blend in your sub tank, and the aroma is really something special.


The Vaping Rabbit E-Juice

Vaping Rabbit E-Liquid is the perfect blend for your next vaping move. With Vaping Rabbit E-Liquid you can get specific flavors named after different characters in Alice in Wonderland, and the breakdown is as follows, so you can choose for yourself which character you want tagging along on your vape.

The Alice is a perfect classic tres leches cake with the taste of a soft, sweet, fruity glaze. It's perfect in any size you can find it in. You can also get the crazy Cheshire Cat, which comes tasting like orange pineapple upside-down cake, and even is topped with a brown sugary glaze for your vaping pleasure. These are the two best, and the staples.

There are other characters of course, and you may want to try them all. You can try The Hatter, which is a creamy slice of Flan Napolitano. And, if you're feeling especially risky, try The Pelican, which is creamy grape milkshake with a touch of mamba vape. This is an especially creative choice for the artist in your life.

White Rabbit E-Liquid

The White Rabbit is another creative choice, and you can't go wrong with an all-day vape with this one. The flavor is blueberry shortbread in cookie style, and the frosting is creamy lemon, which is perfect for your after-dinner vape (and your before-dinner vape...).

You'll especially want to try The White Queen, one of Alice's best characters. This vape is a creamy raspberry, in tart style. In case you're curious, you can get the sizes in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg of nicotine, so if you're not too into the nicotine, there's no pressure to use it.

You can also get your bottle size in 30ml, which is a smaller bottle, perfect for tucking in a pocket or purse. Also, make sure you note that the bottles are not filled all the way because you need room to use a dripper, and this makes sure you don't make a mess. So, try the Vaping Rabbit E-Liquid today, and vape for hours.