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Whether you are new to vaporizing or a seasoned veteran, the Vapir Classic Corded Air Vaporizer is the perfect setup for your vaporizing needs. The Vapir Classic Corded AirVaporizer is a hand held forced air vaporizer that uses a ceramic housed quartz crystal heating element.


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This model uses a temperature control system with an external temperature gauge to ensure the exact temperature of your vaporizing needs. The temperature display can displays the temperature is either Celsius or Fahrenheit. This vaporizer was designed by Vapir Incorporated in 2002 and the design has not changed since. Why mess with perfection? The Vapir Classic Corded Air Vaporizer prides itself on an easy to use system that is great for beginners or veterans. This is one of the easiest vaporizers to use and is used by direct inhalation rather than with a balloon. With an external LCD display and buttons located at the front of the unit put the controls of the vaporizer at your fingertips. 

Just like any of our other vaporizers, load the herbal disk with your ingredients and slide the disk in the chamber. Then, simply turn on the vaporizer and wait for the element to reach its desired temperature. Be sure that your vaporizer is set to the optimal temperature and allow the vaporizer to heat before inhaling. The heat up time is approximately three to five minutes before you will be able to begin use. The Vapir Classic Corded Digital Air Vaporizer has an automatic shut-off feature that displays how many minutes you have left before the unit shuts itself off. The unit will use its standard shutoff time of twenty minutes but the user can manually change the shutoff time as they desire.  There is a one-speed fan that will aide in the Vaporization process to produce a slightly visible vapor. Unlike other complicated setups, the one-speed fan is designed for simplicity and ease of use. 

The Vapir Classic Corded Air Vaporizer is as affordable as they come. You can expect to pay roughly $150 to $200. Each Vapir Classic Corded Air Vaporizer is backed by a 90-day warranty. An extended warranty can be purchased from Vapir Incorporated if you choose to do so.  This kit includes one world adapter, a custom protective case, two filling disks, a matrix tube attachment, users manual, and a small maintenance tool. 

With its increased portability, the Vapir Classic Corded Air Vaporizer is perfect for on-the-go users. Small and discreet allow you to enjoy aromatherapy in any setting. Be sure to read the owners manual before you to ensure optimal performance of this device. What are you waiting for? Start vaporizing!

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    The Digital Air is heavy duty and works great for me everytime, its been tossed around and dropped a few times, but that still doesnt stop it from giving me a great effect thats so clean and tastes excellent.

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