Vapir NO2 Mesh Screens

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  • Easy to Use

  • NO2 Vaporizers ONLY

  • Mesh Screens

  • Change Every 2 Weeks


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Product Description


Vapir, Inc. has developed the convenient and user-friendly to aid in the extraction of all your favorite natural aromatic essences.


is a fine steel mesh, 1/2 inch in diameter, molded into a hat-like shape.  is designed to prevent ingestion of your aromatherapy while vaping.


The is intended to be used solely for the {TAG_NAME_9}.


Remove the mouthpiece and turn the mesh screen compartment counter clockwise to loosen and remove it.  Place a poker or the accompanying {TAG_NAME_92} on the outside of the compartment to the push the screen through.  Place the new inside the compartment and use a poker or {TAG_NAME_92} to adjust it into place. Screw the compartment clockwise back into place inside the mouthpiece and reattach to the body of the {TAG_NAME_9}.

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