Vapor King Standard Vaporizer


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  • Heavy Duty Ground Glass Vapor Whip

  • 100% Ceramic Heating Element

  • 2 Minute Warm-Up Time

  • 3 Year Warranty


Product Description

The Vapor King Standard Vaporizer has been on the market for the past four years and met with great success. You can find the Vapor King Standard Vaporizer at almost any -tb- accessories shop around the country. The Vapor King Standard Vaporizer has been remanufactured and retrofitted with fully worked ceramic cores. Significance being that with so many other box units having "soldering iron" cores, the ceramic core allows the heating process to transpire much quicker and without the ionization of many other popular box units. The Vapor King Standard Vaporizer is constructed with fine birch and solid alder wood, boasting some of the very finest woods in the industry.

The Vapor King Standard Vaporizer is a convection based vaporizer that draws hot air over your aromatherapy causing it to vaporize. It uses a highly refined vapor whip to load your aromatherapy and then use. You hold the vapor whip to the Vapor King Standard Vaporizer's ceramic coil to obtain your vapor hit. With the most amazing warm-up time in the vaporizer industry at 30 seconds, the Vapor King Standard Vaporizer is ready to go a moments notice. The Vapor King Standard Vaporizer comes equipped with a full 3 year warranty. This vaporizer is very solid and for the price, it's hard to beat

The Vapor King Standard Vaporizer allows it's users to not only have the freedom of not spending an arm and a leg on their unit. The Vapor King Standard Vaporizer is the perfect introduction into vaporizing. With the Vapor King Standard Vaporizer then there will be no worries. Just load your glass vapor whip and presto.

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    Vapor King

    Hey so I purchased this unit of eBay with no warranty. Just my luck I got this vaporizer crapped out on me just after 2 months! When the unit was working, it appeared to be working pretty good. My first time ever vaporizing was using this unit, so I really don't know too much about what top quality performance is and what isn't. The unit came equipped with an 18mm ground glass whip which was very durable and is still useful to use with my next vaporizer. The cons about this unit I have are mostly to do with the 90 day warranty. 90 days isn't a long enough time to really see the malfunctions of the unit take effect. In my case my unit started having defects start happening within 2 months. Unfortunately when purchasing a unit off of eBay 8 out 10 chances no warranty comes along with your purchase. My advice to anyone interested in purchasing a vaporizer, if you want one of top quality please do you research!

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