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Vapor Pens

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Vapor Pens

What is a Vapor Pen?

Typically Vapor Pens are made of three components; the battery, atomizer or tank and the mouthpiece.

Stature of a Vapor Pen

Concentrate Vaporizers are quite easy to use. The user simply loads a small amount of concentrate into the vaporizer, presses down on the button to heat up the material and inhale vapor through the mouthpiece.

The battery is the most important component of the vaporizer. Usually, the battery hosts adjustable wattage features that allows the user to have the ability to have more control of the amount of power going to the atomizer. Resulting in the user vaporizing their selected juice at different temperatures that increase vapor density and flavor intensity.

The atomizer or tank contacts to the battery. This component is responsible for the vaporizing of your juices. Typically, they employ a coil inside of its center for heating, resulting in soaked liquid in the wick to vaporize.

What is a Vapor Pen?

At the base, the atomizer or tank contacts to the battery. This component is responsible for the vaporizing of your juices. Typically, they employ a coil inside of its center for heating, resulting in soaked liquid in the wick to vaporize. At the base, there’s normally an adjustable airflow section to control the balance between vapor and air pulling from the device. The atomizer is surrounded by a superior Pyrex tank which holds the juice.

Vapor Pen Mouthpiece

The last of the components the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece allows you to get the vapor. With the tip of the mouthpiece, press it against your lips and take a quick inhale for great vapor. These come in a plethora of variations of the width of the tip, allowing for either more or less airflow. Sometimes the tip can be removed to allow access to the Pyrex tank to fill with juice; this is what is known as top fill design.

How Does a Vapor Pen Work?

Vapor Pens are fairly easy to use. It is recommended that you charge your device for best performance. Typically, a unit will take two to three hours for a full battery charging. After the device is fully charged, it is time to prepare the device.

Before use, it is recommended that you prepare the device. Start by separating the atomizer or tank from the rest of the device. Once the tank is removed, you can prime your atomizer. Take your liquid of choice and simply soak the wick inside with juice to allow it to circulate easier, removing the possibility of any burnt aftertastes.

To prime, remove the atomizer from the tank and you’ll see two to four holes around the inside of the atomizer with a white material within. Take you juice and place two to three drops on each of the openings. You can also place you juice on top of the atomizer.

Now that the atomizer is primed, place it back onto the base of the tank. Be careful not to screw on too tight as this could cause issues with the device, like leaking or clogging. Depending if they are top fill or bottom fill tanks, you will need to put the tank back together at the tip of the tank. With a top fill tank, once you unscrewed the tank you will see two holes where juice can be placed. Fill the tank until the max fill line has been reached. For a bottom fill tank, put the tip back on the tank and turn it upside down. Make sure you have connected the atomizer. Fill the tank with it upside down, making sure not to fill past the tube for the drip tip. Once filled, reconnect the atomizer base to the device.

Now that everything is ready to go, all you have to do is make sure the battery settings are compatible with the atomizer. Always make sure the wattage you’re using isn’t too powerful for the atomizer. If it is too high, there is a possibility you will end up burning the atomizer.

To start, press the power button five times rapidly to power on the device for all button operated devices. Note, if not done quick enough, the device will not register the action. Usually, Vapor Pens will employ a up or down adjustment buttons that allow the user to cycle through wattage settings. Once you’ve found your perfect temperature, press the power button and inhale. Soon you’ll be enjoying incredible sessions.

Vapor Pens come in a variety of shapes, sizes and types to accommodate a wider range of customers. There are All in One Kits that include everything you need to start vaping, salt vapor pens that specifically compatible with salt infused e-liquid, regular e-juice vapor pens that allow you to enjoy great tasting nicotine juices. All work amazingly, your choice all depends on the type of device you’re looking for.

All In One Vapor Pens

All in One Kits

Let’s start with your All in One Kits. All in One Kits are true to name, these kits come with everything you could possibly need to start vaping. Ideal for beginners, they are the most affordable way to experience vaping. Rather than buying all the items individually, with these kits all you’ll have to add is your favorite e-liquid to enjoy your device.

All in One Kits are some of the easies vapes to operate. While having a few similarities to other kinds of starter kits, All in One Kits have the advantage of including replaceable coils and the option of using your own vape juice instead of a pre-filled cartridge. An All in One Kit usually entails a compact, single-piece design, making it ideal for convenient, quick inhales and travel as it is portable. Most come in a pen-style shape with the bottom part housing a built-in battery and the top utilizing a tank section.

The anatomy of an All in One kit is very similar to a full-blown vape kit with the only difference being that the clearomizer part is not removable from the battery. Some All in One Kits come with replaceable coils that operate in the same fashion to the coils that are used in vape tanks. This means the user will only need to change the coil when needed, without needing to purchase a whole new pod.

Perfect for the vaper who prefers everything in one pack, the All in One Kits range from $20 to $80 depending on which you decide on. A great choice for a All in One Kit is the Suorin Vagon All in One Starter Kit by Suorin. It is an ultra-portable vaping system that delivers great, potent flavors while allowing the user to enjoy incredible, discreet sessions all at the palm of your hand.

Salt Nicotine Vapor Pens


Next are our salts. What are nicotine salts? The term “nicotine salt” more commonly known as nic salt just refers to the scientific definition. Not to be confused with the tasty mineral you sprinkle on your mac and cheese. Simply put, nicotine salt e-liquids are complex compounds that contain salt-based nicotine which allows for less harsh draws. With nicotine salt e-liquids you’ll also have faster absorption rate and higher tolerance of nicotine strengths.

Because of their makeup nicotine salt e-liquids are compatible with certain types of vaporizer devices, vape pods. Vape Pods are compact, convenient easy to use devices that allows the user to enjoy their nicotine salt liquids whenever they please. Made of top superior materials, they are sturdy and built for travel as you discreetly enjoy great tasting, potent sessions.

Typically, vape pods are automatic, meaning they activate as so as the user inhales for a draw, providing great mouth to lung puffs. Commonly they are built with a mouthpiece, battery and refillable tank; all you need is your favorite nicotine salt e-liquid and you’re ready to go. These pocket-sized vape pods are sleek and perfect for the user who wants some serious clouds. Ranging anywhere from $20 upwards to $60, you can’t go wrong with a vape pod.

Suorin Drop Starter Kit by Suorin is the perfect vape pod. Perfect for anyone looking for an easy to use, compact design device, the Suorin Drop is made of superior zinc alloy and shaped like a teardrop with a rubber finish for a modern finish. With a 310 mAh battery, 2mL refillable pod and 1.3ohm coils, you will not be disappointed with the Suorin Drop Starter Kit by Suorin.

E-Juice Vapor Pens

Regular E-Juice

Rounding off is Regular E-Juice! Regular e-juice or “freebase nicotine” is the nicotine is a method that tobacco companies have been using since the 60’s. Opposed to nicotine salt liquids, freebase is the purest form that you can get from nicotine derivatives. This results in the nicotine being much more potent when heated and great, effective flavors.

Unlike their nicotine salt counterpart, regular e-juice is compatible with a variety of devices for your vaping pleasure. For versatile use, a plethora of vaporizers including vapor pens allow the user to enjoy their favorite juice while on the go. Resulting in a discreet, easy to operate device at the palm of your hand.

For the most part, most vaporizers are made of three components; a battery, an atomizer or heating chamber and a mouthpiece. These parts are threaded with a universal 510 threading which allow them to be connected and disconnected with a simple twist. This allows for quick sessions and changes or prefilled cartridges for the most flavor. E-liquid vaporizers can run you anywhere from $19 dollars to $60 or more depending on the type you get.

A good choice for your e-liquids would be the remarkable PRIV M17 kit with M17 Tank by SMOK. This portable, pocket-sized device delivers a lot of power. With a 1200mAh rechargeable battery paired with the superior Stick 17 Sub-Ohm tank, you’ll enjoy hours of endless, incredible sessions. If you are looking for a powerful device at the palm of your hand with a 2mL capacity, search no further than the PRIV M17 Kit with M17 Tank by SMOK.

How to find the best Vapor Pen for Your needs

When deciding on the best device for you, there are a few things that you should take into consideration. When it comes down to it, personal preference is the number one factor. You want a device that works best for you and accommodates your lifestyle.

Here is a bit of information on the features and what to look for when choosing the device for you.

Pulling Method: Direct to Lung and Mouth to Lung

DTL (Direct to Lung): These vaporizers are the most common of puling methods and provide a straight draw from the device into your lungs. Like the Stick V8 TFV8 Big Baby Beast Kit by SMOK, DTL vaporizers pull like this resulting in the user getting larger vapor production with juicy, potent flavor left in the mouth.

The battery is the most important component of the vaporizer. Usually, the battery hosts adjustable wattage features that allows the user to have the ability to have more control of the amount of power going to the atomizer. Resulting in the user vaporizing their selected juice at different temperatures that increase vapor density and flavor intensity.

MTL (Mouth to Lung): MTL vaporizers like the Nord AIO (All In One) 19 Starter Kit by SMOK operate a little different. Instead of pulling straight vapor into the lung, some devices allow for you to pull it into the mouth, and then the lungs. This results in harder hitting pulls to the throat and great flavors.

Vapor Pens with Adjustable Wattage

Adjustable Wattage is a must have feature when it comes to vape pens. This gives you the ability to control the wattage that the liquid is vaporizing at. Having control gives you the possibility to swap out the atomizer and try different liquids for versatile use. Note, you should never put the wattage over the required amount, or you face the possibility of damaging your device.

Adjustable Airflow

Another top feature is adjustable airflow. Not all devices come with adjustable airflow, but if they do it’s a treat. Located at the base of the tank, there are normally 2 air holes on each side. These can be adjusted to allow for more airflow for increased vapor. This gives you more precise sessions.

Got Vape Vapor Pens

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