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VaporStore Vapes

VaporStore handcrafts all of their vaporizers and accessories. The company is dedicated to providing only the highest quality products, and they achieve this by carefully reviewing the products that go out their door for any defects. 

The company is one of the largest suppliers of vaporizers and accessories, and they work hard to create products that improve your overall quality of life. A good vaporizer is a crucial investment for any vaper, and choosing VaporStore products offers a good way to ensure an enjoyable vaping experience. 

Notable Vaporizers

The company is the creator of the VaporTower Herbal Vaporizer, and they are the supplier for Volcano Vaporizer. The VaporTower is unique in that it is the only vaporizer currently available on the market that uses a patent-pending removable element. The element can be removed for cleaning, or you can choose to completely replace it. Since the element comes with a lifetime warranty, you'll probably opt for replacement if something goes wrong.

The VaporTower Vaporizer offers a strong and reliable vaporizer that is intended for use at home. The product uses a dual-screen kit that suspends your product between two screens. Vertical air flow allows for a greater surface area to give you a more efficient vaping experience. This vaporizer comes with a dual-screen hands-free whip that extends about one meter in length. The tubing is medical grade tubing to ensure a long life. 

The unit warms up to the proper temperature in just a few minutes. The temperature is designed to be adjusted easily using the dial. Included in the set is an aromatherapy oil diffuser attachment that is designed to make it possible to use oils with the system. The machine produces thick vapor, so you can enjoy a full session with this desktop-style vaping machine. 

The Next Gen VaporTower comes with LED mood lighting to help add a bit of ambience to your vaping session. The heater core is also user-replaceable, which can help you save money on the cost of ownership and repairs. The unit comes in a classic, black-box style, a more modern alarm clock style, and other colors to help you personalize your vaporizer. This unit is designed to change the way you think about aromatherapy and vaping.

The kit includes everything you need to get started. You'll get the vaporizer, a dual-screen handkit, medical grade silicone tubing and a mouthpiece that is custom blown. You'll also get a magnetic acrylic grinder, and a one-stir tool poker. Additionally, you'll get a single replacement screen set to ensure a long initial lifespan. 

Product Offerings and Accessories

There are several accessories and replacement parts that can be used to spruce up your vaporizer. One of the most important accessories you can own is the two-piece deluxe ground glass vapor whip. 

This vapor whip is designed to take advantage of a hands-free operation and it includes glass joints. It's designed to be changed easily with a two-piece construction that makes it easy to interchange parts. The whip comes with 18.5mm dimensions, and you'll be able to use it with your VaporStore vaporizer. 

Each handkit is checked for quality assurance purposes, and you'll be able to quickly change your screen with this smart accessory. The handkit is engineered to provide superior air flow to improve your aromatherapy. The device improves your overall vaping experience by allowing for hands-free operation. You also won't need to contort or tilt your whip to prevent your product from falling into the heating element.