Vapor Whip Adapter


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  • Connect Your Vaporizer w/ a Receptacle

  • Made to Fit Medium to Large Size Slides

  • 12mm Whip Specs; ie: HVY, JBD

  • For Use w/ Existing VaporWhip


Product Description

Why not use your favorite water tube when your enjoying your favorite vaporizer. Now that's possible with the all new Vapor Whip Adapter / Converters. If your tired of not using the $300 tube you bought at your local shop. Why not get a Vapor Whip Adapter and enjoy water filtration again? All VaporDomes are made in the USA, with the highest quality borosilicate glass, and are individually hand inspected to make sure you receive a perfect VaporWhip every time.

The Vapor Whip Adapters work great with all vaporizers that use a Vapor Whip. All you need to do is replace your current Vapor Whip Mouthpiece with a Vapor Whip Adapter then plug that end into your Glass Water Tube, insert the other hands free side to to your vaporizer and then take a long deep inhalation through your tube. Who says you can't use your favorite tube anymore even though you've made a choice to live healthier and use a vaporizer as opposed to traditional -smk- methods. The Vapor Whip Converter is a must have for all vaporization connoisseurs.

Hot element: draw fast to avoid burning the aromatherapy, as the element cools you can slow your draw.

Slow element: draw slow to create the vapor, however if you draw to slow on a hot element you will burn the aromatherapy and create -sk-.

Experiment with different temperatures and draw speeds and within a few trials you will find the one that fits you best.

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