VaporBlunt 2.0 Stir Knob


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The VaporBlunt 2.0 Stir Knob is a vital, reliable replacement stirring knob for the VaporBlunt 2.0 Vaporizer.


Product Description

Using this stir knob, the user can easily and effortless glide through their dry herb materials inside your VaporBlunt Vaporizer. Ensuring an even vaporization every step of the way, the VaporBlunt 2.0 Stir Knob is fashioned for premium, top-quality materials surviving daily use. This petite tool makes a lasting impact, helping aid in endless enjoyable sessions, the VaporBlun 2.0 Stir Knob belongs in every vaper’s collection. At an affordable price, you can’t afford to miss out on the VaporBlunt 2.0 Stir Knob! Pick up one today!

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