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Vaporesso Mods

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  • EUC Ceramic Eco Universal Coil 5 Pack by Vaporesso

    The EUC Ceramic Eco Universal Coil 5 pack by Vaporesso is an innovative, performance enhancing atomizer created with convenience and affordability in mind. Made of high grade, top of the line materials these coils make the perfect replacement or spare pieces. A real stand out on the market, make sure to add the EUC Ceramic Eco Universal Coil 5 pack by Vaporesso to the collection today!


Vaporesso First-Rate Vaporizers

Vaporesso is an established business that manufactures many products that are useful for people who love vaping. Examples of these products are batteries, coils, mods, atomizers and kits. If you want to get a detailed glimpse into the Vaporesso universe, we can help you do so here at GotVape. That's because we sell some of the company's best product offerings, plain and simple. Vaporesso's vaping products are centered around concepts such as top-grade manufacturing, fine craftsmanship and innovative technology.

Target Mods

The Target VTC 75W Kit is one esteemed Vaporesso product we have available at GotVape. This kit's Target 2 VTC mod is unforgettable thanks to its ergonomic design. Although this mod is attractive, its performance is equally impressive. This mod is appropriate for atomizers of merely 0.15 ohms and up. If you like vaping comfortably, this mod and kit overall can assist you greatly. The mod's maximum output wattage is 75W. It can reach temperatures of as high as 600 degrees Fahrenheit as well. The mod's ceramic coil is extremely exciting and pioneering. It has a one-of-a-kind build that stops both dry hits and spitback. It also is capable of cleaning itself, therefore encouraging a lengthier lifespan. If you're someone who is always searching for flavoring that's wonderfully clean and pure, you'll certainly love the happy surprises the Target kit has in store for you. This kit is optimal for people who appreciate OLED (organic light-emitting diode) displays, Pyrex glass tanks, magnetic battery panels, gold plated coils and so much more.

Gemini RTAs

We also offer the lovely Gemini RTA from Vaporesso. If you're all about enhanced airflow, this rebuildable tank atomizer will without a doubt blow your mind. This strengthened airflow comes from the atomizer's additional central post. If you want to hit your coils from the bottom and top alike, this RTA can accommodate you. It can even accommodate you if you want to hit them from the interior. The technologically advanced dual airflow system is genuinely dazzling. Some notable components of the Gemini RTA include a Delrin drip tip, hassle-free top-fill and a tank window. This tank window is convenient because it gives users the chance to assess available e-juice amounts. The design of this RTA also discourages leakage. This is optimal for people who like keeping things neat and simple all of the time. If you're a serious vaping lover, the Gemini RTA can streamline the process for you in a major way. The product's noteworthy airflow can reduce overheating, strengthen flavor and give you access to better drags.