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Vaporesso Replacement Coils

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Vaporesso is one of the most distinctive brands in the vaping industry, offering a wide variety of cutting-edge tanks that make use of the latest technology. Vaporesso Replacement Coils are crafted with precision and care to provide the ultimate in performance and quality at a competitive price. Few other brands achieve higher marks in all aspects of coil design than Vaporesso, and every coil is backed by this company's commitment to customer satisfaction.

Vaporesso is staffed by individuals that are immersed in vaping culture, many of whom are vapers themselves. The company was founded on a three-pronged philosophy of safety, convenience, and accessibility. Safety is accomplished by the development of improved and efficient heating elements. Leakless tanks, a hallmark of the brand, add convenience. Finally, a selection of mods for every level of vaping experience from novice to advanced promote accessibility.

Research and development is key at Vaporesso. The R & D team includes several hundred engineers, most of whom have six years or more of experience in the creation of vaping products. At present, the company holds more than 300 patents for vaporizer technology. This is a level of customer-driven innovation that sets Vaporesso apart from other manufacturers in the effort to develop tanks and coils that far exceed the expectations of vapers. Standards of quality at Vaporesso meet all of the certifications, laws, and regulations of the industry, and since 2006 the brand has used the best materials and manufacturing processes to build trust and brand loyalty.

Vaporesso Replacement Coils available at include those of the brand's CCELL line. CCELL coils are revolutionary, using porous ceramics in contrast to traditional cotton wicks. Cotton wicks burn out easier, often diminishing the hit. These ceramic coils are designed to deliver a truer, bolder flavor from e-juices that is not tainted by a burned taste. CCELL coils are capable of handling more heat than similar coils offered by competitors. Additionally, these coils are compatible with a wide variety of tanks and kits on the market. The Ceramic cCell Coils 5 pk by Vaporesso is a convenient and economical way to explore Vaporesso's quality for yourself. They are available in an 0.9 ohm variety. 

Vaporesso Coils & Accessories for Sub Tanks

The coils in a Sub Tank form one of the most critical elements of these types of vaporizers. Coils are tasked with delivering heat in a manner that is efficient and spreads the heat over a large surface area. The result is dense vapor production for large clouds, delivery of more intense flavor from e-liquids, and a full-bodied hit. All coils must be replaced at intervals. On average, this needs to be done every three or four weeks depending on how heavy you vape. Signs of poor coils include less vapor and reduced flavor. Replacing them is an easy process that only involves unscrewing a part of the tank, removing the old coil, and inserting the new one. It takes just a minute or so and can be accomplished by vapers with the most rudimentary knowledge of a Sub Tank and how it works.

Vaporesso's Quality & Reputation

Quality and reputation are what set Vaporesso apart. They have a ten-year track record for innovation and the implementation of existing technology. It is always better to purchase coils from a trusted brand like Vaporesso and a trusted vendor like to ensure you are receiving authentic parts.

While you are shopping for Vaporesso Replacement Coils, do not forget to check out our entire line of premium tanks, mods, and designer e-liquids from all of the top brands. We are also happy to answer questions regarding these coils via live chat or email.