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Vaporesso Tanks

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Vaporesso RTA Tanks

Vaporesso is passionate about vaping culture. They came on the market with the hopes of energizing the community and they certainly have done so. They love vaping and want to spread that love to new vapers and old using their innovative technology.

Vaporesso sought to bring a new level of safety, convenience, accessibility and affordability to the e-cigarette industry when they began in 2006. They combine constantly improving technology, innovative research and development and quality manufacturing to make vaping hardware safer through more effective heating elements, air-tight tanks and customizable mods that conform to fit the needs of any vaper. Vaporesso strives to create a world where their products enhance and improve the lives of the vapers who use them.

Advanced Technology from Vaporesso Atomizers

In order to bring vapers the most outstanding experience possible, Vaporesso has paid special attention to every detail. Their meticulous craftsmanship is something they are proud of since it is the result of putting the customer first. Their incredible work is begins with design, is followed with testing and ends with delivery to satisfied vapers everywhere.

Vaporesso Tanks Quality Guarantee

With ever-growing lines of products coming out of three production facilities, Vaporesso guarantees that they will remain committed to the curiosity and commitment that brought them to the height of the vaping industry. Their built-in safety measures meet and exceed quality and manufacturing standards. 

Gemini RTA

Got Vape is proud to offer two of Vaporesso's best products: the Gemini RTA and the CCell Ceramic Vape Coils. 

The Gemini RTA goes above and beyond many other RTAs thanks to its extra central post which allows you to hit the coils from the top, bottom and inside out via the innovative Gemini dual airflow system, resulting in the best airflow possible. The Gemini RTA atomizer offers excellent performance, full customizability and a stronger, cleaner heat than most atomizers on the market. The Gemini's groundbreaking design includes a bell-shaped chamber and wide chimney to accommodate the largest stream of vapor possible. With the Gemini RTA, you get all the benefits of an RDA without any of the mess.

CCell Vape Coils

Vapresso's CCell Vape Coils are truly something special. They provide a no-spit experience and are far more durable than other coils. Their innovative design means you don't have to worry about dry hits and their ceramic build gives you the purest e-liquid taste. CCell coils can handle higher heat than cotton wicks. They are engineered for maximum compatibility, so try them today and experience unbeatable taste and convenience. 

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