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VaporGenie Vaporizers

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VaporGenie's Top-Notch Vapes

Vapor Genie is a first-rate manufacturer that focuses on vaporizers and an array of other key accessories. Replacement parts are also a big area of concentration for the Vapor Genie staff. If you want to investigate some of Vapor Genie's A+ products, GotVape is available to assist you with the process.

Aluminum Bat Vaporizer

Vapor Genie's Aluminum Bat Vaporizer is a standout product we offer our customers. The Aluminum Bat Vaporizer is a convenient and compact offering that you can easily place in your pocket for safekeeping. If you're always out and about, the size of this vaporizer is definitely a big benefit for you. The vape is far from awkward and heavy. 

Sturdy Ceramic Filter

There are many things that make this vaporizer notable. Its exterior and interior are both anodized, first and foremost. It has a sturdy ceramic filter. Using this vaporizer isn't hard, either. You can begin use of this product by taking its top off. Remove it from its foundation using a counterclockwise movement. Fill its chamber. Just make sure to do so in moderation. Excessive filling can interfere with airflow. Then replace the top. Breathe via the mouthpiece. As you do this, give the filter flames. Take the lighter and wait until you see a flame that's roughly half an inch in length. Refrain from allowing the flame to make contact with the ceramic filter. Use of the Aluminum Bat Vaporizer from Vapor Genie is easy and pleasant. If you want to experience the finest level of vaping pleasure, this vape may be the key.

User Friendly VaporGenie Portable Pipe Vaporizer

We also sell the Portable Vaporizer from Vapor Genie. This makes a fantastic vaporizer for people who are newbies. If you're not quite a vaping guru yet, this portable vape may work out well for you. It's a lighter powered device that's tough. It's equipped with a screw off top that has two separate components. The portable vaporizer has a remarkably attractive appearance thanks to its North American oak wood construction. It features natural shellac sealing that showcases stunning wood grain patterns, too. If you want to use a vaporizer that's a wonderful blend of rustic and contemporary visual elements, Vapor Genie's Portable Vaporizer could be it! 

This vaporizer's ceramic filter is a standout element. This is because it's produced using a silicon carbide that's extremely pure. The silicon carbide is important to mention due to the fact that it's a ceramic that's highly invulnerable to damage from heat. If you employ this ceramic filter in the proper manner at all times, you won't ever have to get a brand new one. This vaporizer is just as convenient and user-friendly as Vapor Genie's Aluminum Bat Vaporizer. The choices in colors for this portable unit are excellent. They include yellow, turquoise, rust, red, black, ash, purple, oak, maple, green and blue. 

If you're on the lookout for a new vaporizer that's an absolute pleasure to use, our Vapor Genie offerings may be able to make you smile wide. If you're looking for more information about our high-quality products, you don't have to think twice about reaching out. That's why our customer service division exists. You can learn more about our Vapor Genie products by contacting us through online support, email or telephone. Our representatives are always eager to help our customers. If you're looking for the best vaporizers, e-liquids, vaporizer batteries, chargers, grinders, sub tanks, vape pens, concentrate tanks and dry vape parts, our hard-working Southern California business can come to your aid without a problem. We strive to provide our customers with the most in-depth vaping knowledge and expertise around. Contact us today for more information.