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Vaporite Vaporizers

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Vaporite Digital Vaporizers

Vaporite is known for its collection of quality products that are designed to take your vaping experience to the next level. You'll enjoy premium components, and the company makes some of the best pen vape products on the market. When it comes to enjoying your vaping session in the most effective manner possible, you can count on Vaporite to provide you with a product that consistently exceeds expectations. 

Vaporite Vapes

The company is known for its production of portable, herb, desktop and pen vaporizers. The company was the first company to introduce a desktop vaporizer, and their initial desktop product was widely regarded as the best desktop vaporizer on the market. Enjoy your smokeless sessions with their high-quality products and accessories that are designed to help you get the best possible vaping experience. In the desktop line, the main products are the Vaporite Solo, Solo Digit, Mini Air, 6th Element and the V-Nail. The company is an experienced vaporizer manufacturer that knows how to create units that are user-friendly and highly coveted. 

The Vaporite Deluxe Vaporizer

,strong>The Vaporite Deluxe Vaporizer is one of their most affordable and effective vaporizers available. The unit was introduced to the market in 2009, and it uses a direct application, hands-free style with a digital temperature control. The device is manufactured with premium-quality components and exacting precision. It's meant to be used on a desktop surface. While you can pack the unit up and take it with you, it's not intended to be used as a portable device. 

Monitor Your Session with Vaporite

You'll be able to easily monitor your session using the illuminated LCD screen that's conveniently located on the front of the unit. Adjusting the temperature is easily accomplished by turning the rotary dial clockwise until you reach the perfect temperature for your blends. While the unit heats up, you'll be able to see an illuminated indicator light. The light turns off once the unit has reached the desired temperature.

Premium Vaporite Vaporizers & Replacemen Parts

When it comes to materials, you don't want a vaporizer that cuts corners. This unit offers a convenient ground glass vapor wand to make your vaping session more enjoyable. Other manufacturers also use this style since it makes it possible to rest the want on the heating element to give you the ultimate hands-free experience. 

Each unit also comes with an aromatherapy bulb. This bulb can be used to expand the use of your product to use essential oils. Simply replace the vapor want with the bulb, and you'll be able to enjoy your essential oils. This vaporizer was the first vaporizer for many experienced vapers, and it still provides exceptional utility and good durability with a proven track record for reliability.

The unit is made from real, high-quality wood. This makes the unit both durable and exceedingly classy. It's easily controlled through the use of a knob, and you'll love the ability to adjust the temperature during your session. This simple design makes it a reliable unit that experiences a highly reliable up-time.

Vaporite Vape Use and Care

The unit comes with an odor free hose that doesn't require a lot of maintenance. You can extend the life of the unit by turning it off every 20 minutes to allow the heating rod inside the unit to cool down. The heating rod is made from high-quality ceramic, so you'll be able to experience a more stable and healthy form of heating.