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Top Portable Vaporizers Under $150

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If you are looking for the perfect, affordable on-the-go vaporizer device then look further than Got Vape’s Top Portable Vaporizers Under $150. Providing relaxing, enjoyable sessions of vaporizers compared to traditional smoking delivers a cleaner taste, less lingering odors, and reduced throat irritations. And because these pieces are now being made smaller, users can take them anyplace, anywhere while they enjoy their goods. Perfect for any occasion and delivering that delicious vapor, don’t miss out! Get your perfect vaporizer device right now!

GPen Pro laying on desk

Starting things off the G Pen Pro Vaporizer by Grenco Science. Retailing at $99.95, this compact, powerful piece is specifically made for dry herbs. Employing adjustable temperature options, it offers great customizable sessions ranging from 375°F, 400°F and 428°F. The G Pen Pro also features a rechargeable battery that carries vapers through multiple sessions and no fuss, single button for a minimalist easy to use design.

Hitting all the important markers for a quality dry herb vaporizer, it has a side light display that indicates when the device’s rechargeable battery is charging up. Once remained on and lit, the device is completely charged and ready for use. Now the user can pack the bowl and enjoy incredible multiple sessions simple and worry free. The kit includes a scrub brush to help maintain as well as clean the pen.

Wulf Evolve Maxxx in hand

Up next is the Wulf Evolve Maxxx 3 in 1 by Wulf Mods. At just $79.99, this multi-use device is specifically made for our concentrate lovers out there! Delivering an amazing performance with elevated, versatile sessions this stunner is the next big thing to hit the market. Utilizing QTC technology, three temperature settings and automatic heating, they come together to bring users the best of the best. It also has an added built-in silicone jar and airflow value for the richest flavors.

Utilizing a singular power button it uses 3 (White 3.2V, Blue 3.7V and Green 4.2V) different temperature adjustments for the perfect session your way. This device also allows a preheat mode for quicker warm up times. To start this, click on the power button two times to begin the cycle. The unit will preheat for about 15 seconds. To stop this mode, press the same power button another two times in a row.

The true standout of this device is the 3 in 1 ways to use it; Dab Rig Mode, Nectar Collector Mode and Wax Pen Mode. To use Dab Rig Mode first start by screwing in the coil into the base of the device. Then screw the airflow piece into the base and screw that onto the battery. Once that is built, attach the glass adapter. Now you are going to want to remove the cap from the dual coil quartz or triple coil atomizer and place your concentrates directly into the chamber. After this fill your rig with the desired amount of water. Insert the battery into the adapter of the rig. Once activated, inhale from the mouthpiece. Press the carb once the rig is filled with vapor to release airflow.

To use Nectar Collector Mode start by screwing the mouthpiece onto the top of the battery. On the other side of the device screw the base onto the battery and the nectar tip. An important note to remember is to make sure that the heating tip has fully cooled down before removing it. It can be extremely hot.

Once the heating tip has warmed up to the desired temperature, press the tip against the concentrate and gently inhale. Simple as that!

To use Wax Pen Mode, screw your desired coil into the base and attach the mouthpiece. Then you are going to screw the mouthpiece onto the battery. To begin your session, remove the cap from the dual coil quartz or triple coil quartz atomizer and place your concentrates into the chamber. Close it back up and you’re ready to go.

Once the battery has been assembled and loaded, power it on and select your desired temperature. Inhale and enjoy! The Evolve Maxxx 3 in 1 is compatible with both Evolve Plus and Regen Coils.

Exxus Snap VV at the beach

Now we have the award winning Exxus Snap VV Cartridge by Exxus Vape. Winner of the 4th Annual Jack Herer Cup 2018-2019 Best Vaporizer Award, this ultra-compact device gets its name from the convenient magnetic adapters that attach any 510 thread cartridge to snap right into place in the unit without the hassle of having to unscrew it. At just $39.99, it's just 3 inches tall and 1 inch wide. This ergonomically made small profile unit fits comfortably in the palm of your hand or in your pocket, making it ideal for travel. The cartridge is fashioned to protect your favorite oils from degradation by sunlight or other harmful UV lights. The Exxus Snap VV Variable Voltage Cartridge Vaporizer has 4 voltage settings to power the thickest of oils, while allowing the user to have a more precise session for maximum, enhanced flavor profiles. This device employs a hands free preheat function which allows for hands free usage in 10 second intervals. Additionally, this versatile unit features a 11mm opening on the top for a comfortable fit for most cartridges on the market, available in 4 standard color options as well as 2 limited edition colors. This bad boy guarantees excellent service, offering a 1 year device warranty. Included in the kit are 2 magnetic 510 thread adapters, one for .5ml and one for 1ml tanks. Also included is a 1ml Ccell tank for filling at home and a charger. Delivering continuous, flavor enhanced sessions, the Exxus Snap VV Variable Voltage Cartridge Vaporizer is the perfect addition to any vaper’s collection.

different colored Wulf Uni Pro On table

Another one for our cartridge lovers is the Wulf UNI Pro by Wulf Mods Powered by Yocan. At $39.99 this impressive feature packed upgrade this device delivers an enhanced, improved session. Adding versatility this device allows users universal compatibility with all oil cartridges no matter the length or size. It also includes an adjustable voltage-based output of 2.0V to 4.2V, 10 second preheating functionality, 510 threaded connection and durable zinc alloy chassis construction.

It doesn’t stop there; this unbelievable device is designed with an intuitive firing button, two adjustment buttons and a bright OLED display screen which shows the user vital vaping data. It also includes a magnetic 510 threaded adapter as well as bright LED battery life indicator lights and a juice viewing window letting you know exactly what level your juice is at.

Available in 9 different colors including Black and Red Spatter, Pink and Black Spatter and more the Wulf UNI Pro Adjustable Cartridge Vaporizer by Wulf Mods Powered by Yocan is a must have device! Better than the original, this device will deliver nothing less than amazing flavor and top performance.

Exxus VRS All modes on table

Last but definitely not least is another multifunctional vape, the Exxus VRS by Exxus Vape. An All-New versatile device this piece allows users to pick between cartridge vape use, nectar collector use, rig use or dab rig use. At $119.99 this three-in-one piece features key qualities like a ceramic atomizer, 15 second heat up time, 3 different voltage settings and more.

Now that we have an outline of the Exxus VRS, let’s dive into a closer look at all 4 different uses.

Dab Rig Mode is for our concentrate lovers aka dabbers out there. Starting with the build, you are going to want to screw the ceramic atomizer into the Exxus VRS battery. After that, attach the glass connector and twist on the 14mm glass adapter. To use the rig, fill it up with water. Insert the battery into the rig and click the button three times to raise the voltage to your liking.

Nectar Collector Mode is another one for the concentrataholics! To use the Nectar Collector Mode start by screwing the heating tip onto the tip of the battery. On the other side, screw the glass connector on and then twist the hydrotube into place. Now fill the hydrotube to just below the airhole.

Now we had to include Oil Cartridge use! Cartridge Mode is used when the mouthpiece is removed from the cartridge and loaded up with the user’s desired amount of oil. Now that the cartridge is assembled, twist it into the 510-threading connection in the battery.

The last way to use the Exxus VRS is the cartridge used with the rig. Coming together, start by screwing in the cartridge on the top of the glass adapter, then twist on the 14mm glass connector. Click the button two times to initiate preheat mode which lasts 15 seconds. Pressing the carb down opens a hole on the cap that allows the air and the vapor to flow freely through.

Delivering outstanding sessions, don’t sleep on these small, portable vapes! Even though smaller in stature they still produce great vapor that competes with vaporizer devices 5 times its size. Making them a more convenient, reliable option. We hope you learned a lot from our list that makes shopping for your new device that much easier.

Happy Shopping!

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