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Vaporizer Testimonials

Actual Customer Vaporizer Testimonials

Listen Up to What You Have to Say Here's what other proud shoppers have to say.

Just had to drop a line to say that I got my vaporizer this morning and am still feeling the effects of it 5 hours later!

Ft. Worth, Texas

Got Vape should receive the Nobel Prize for providing these vaporizers. I unpacked mine 2 hours ago. My life changed for better. Breathing the vaporized material, my lungs and bronchi actually feel soothed from last night's session.

I'll never -sk- again (well at least not as long as I have access to my Vaporizer) ;) It takes so little! This thing it will pay for itself in a matter of weeks. This is completely unsolicited praise.
I can't give a clue to my identity for obvious reason you will, but you will have to trust that I swear this praise to be true, Jah be my witness.

Kingston, Nevada

Dear Got Vape, you are on the cutting edge of a cultural movement, I think. The integration of a small doses of certain materials into a healthy intellectual, artistic, and athletic lifestyle is finally being encouraged, by your product. It has changed my life, I hope it keeps working out for you.

Dr. M. Barker
Beverly Hills, California

Thanks for delivering  a great product, when I received the unit, a friend and I put it to the test. To make a long story short he ended up going home with it!

He loved it so much he threw down cash on the table and claimed it as his own. So I'm ordering another one for me and nobody's getting this one!! Great job, great design!

New Jersey, New Jersey

The vape is kick ass!!! Never experienced anything quite like it before!! All of the stuff you said about is is true!! I can't believe it!! I hope it's dependable because I'm going to use it everyday. Thanks so much for such a unique product. I love it!!!

Dylan Thomas
Seattle, Washington

Just a quick note to thank you for a very well designed vaporizer. I have tried 3 other kinds and have hadinnumerable problems. Your vaporizer has been the perfect solution. I was getting a lot of bronchial irritation(constant coughing and congestion) and vaporizing has been the perfect solution. No more coughing and congestion.

Jennifer Jacobs
Butte, Montana

This vaporizer is the most efficient way to savor your aromatherapy. It saves me money, and it doesn't hurt my lungs as much as -smk- did. I've tried other vaporizers, but they didn't work well. The aroma classic vaporizer is also very durable and the portability is ingenious. Thank you so much.

Jason Mitchison
Springfield, Ohio

For the last five years I have been searching for a product that can provide a satisfying, yet healthy, method of delivery. This vaporizer has exceeded my expectations. Finally, there is a way to get the feeling you are looking for without the negative consequences.

This product is a must have for any heavy -sk-r - why damage your health when you don't have to. You will immediately notice the difference between this and -smk-. . .with the vaporizer I feel very clear-headed, yet very very good.

Brian Wilson
Huntington Beach, California

I wish I discovered Got Vape a long time ago...for health reasons and the fact that you can't smell a thing..."

George Mallard
Boise, Idaho

This is the best design I have seen in a vaporizer. I can't find anything like it in my country.

Beoples, Romania

I am not a -cg- -sk-r and I have always been bothered by having to "-sk-". I wasn't too excited about Receptacles either. After a serious case of bronchitis (and later pneumonia) I gave up all together thinking there was no way to enjoy the -tb- and have healthy lungs at the same time.

I did some research, came across your website and after reading testimonials from others who had lung problemsdecided that it was worth a try.

Gary T.
Tempe, Arizona