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Villain Vapors Saloon Select

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  • Gambler by Villain Vapors Saloon Select E-Liquid

    They're risk takers and daredevils. They live in our imaginations and we immortalize them in music, movies and books. Kenny Rogers wrote a smash hit song about one.

    Let's face it, gamblers are dashing, seductive figures whether they're winning or losing, so it's only right that an e-liquid named for them would be as sweet and smooth as this one. Yogurt and peaches blend together to create a truly winning hand in this premium e-liquid. It's a great choice if you like cream flavors but want a change from the milk-based flavors. Gambler has just enough edge to keep things interesting. 

    Regular Price: $14.99

    Special Price $1.99

    Regular Price: $14.99

    Special Price $1.99

  • Red Eye by Villain Vapors Saloon Select E-Liquid

    The Wild West is not only famous for its hardcore classic cowboy way of life but also for its amazing skillfully made vape. Over the years, the best vape has always come from the Wild West.

  • Wild Bill by Villain Vapors Saloon Select E-Liquid

    Legend has it that Wild Bill Hickok got into a gunfight after someone caused him to drop his drink in a bar. Too bad he didn't have some of this e-liquid around to take his mind off the indignity. You can't stay in a bad mood once you try this sweet vape.

    Regular Price: $14.99

    Special Price $1.99

    Regular Price: $14.99

    Special Price $1.99

Saloon Select E-Juice

Vapers who drink coffee are always looking to blend their two favorite hobbies together. Thanks to Red Eye, they never have to look further than this decadent Turkish coffee offering from Villain Vapors.

A flavor that marries the nutty richness of coffee and a subtle hint of cream, Red Eye is a top-shelf flavor that can even put the drink to shame. With all of the flavor stored in one amazing juice, this juice is just waiting to wake up even the most sleepy of vapers.


Nothing says summer like a refreshing flavor like Gambler. A sweet combination of yogurt and fresh peaches, Gambler is hand-crafter for vapers who enjoy a subtle sweetness in their all-day vapes. 

As part of the Saloon Select line from Villain Vapors, this top-of-the-line juice is made right here in the United States using only premium ingredients to ensure the right flavor with every vape.

Wild Bill

For vapers who loved goofing around as cowboys when they were kids, the idea of having a vape flavor named after one of the most famous folk characters of the American Old West is an interesting one. And Villain Vapors delivers, adding Wild Bill to their Saloon Select roster.

A Delicious Selection of Top of the Line E-Liquids

Wild Bill is a sweet and fruity cereal flavor designed to remind vapers of all ages of those days when they'd get up early to watch cartoons and partake in the morning ritual of cereal. A top-shelf offering, this premium e-juice is aimed at those vapers who want a taste of their childhood in their vape juice line up.

Villain Vapors is an e-juice and vape hardware company based in the US, aimed at bringing the best e-juices to stores all over the world. With a reputation for using only American premium-grade ingredients in their juices, this company is one of the most popular brands on the market today.

The branding and design of all Villain Vapors juices are based on the time-honored tradition of intriguing villains from history, including Bonny and Clyde, Dillinger, Capone, Wild Bill, and more. Firmly rooted in the American days of the wild west, these juices will remind vapers of the juice namesakes while providing a quality vape in every flavor profile. 

Aside from providing excellent e-juices to the public, this company also creates their own vape box mods and apparel. With a strong online present, superb customer service, and a commitment to having the best juices on the market, Villain Vapors is a brand that everyone should try.