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Vision Tanks

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Vision Cartomizers

Vision has been a premium producer of personal vaporizers and electronic cigarettes for years, and their products have continued to be at the forefront of innovation in the field. That's why we stock a complete selection of Vision tanks in our inventory at, and their products are some of our most popular. Vision tanks are designed to work with pen-style vaporizers, and they provide some added benefits that many other pen-style tanks can not match. They are great for daily, on the go use, and they fit right in your pocket without much added bulge or weight. Every Vision tank comes in a variety of vibrant colors so you can make your device even more unique.

Get High-End Tank Features from Vision Vape Tanks

The great thing about Vision tanks is that they offer some of the features of higher-end tanks without the added complexity. Almost anyone can use any of the Vision tanks, especially those who have even a small amount of experience with personal aromatherapy devices. Since the tank is half of the entire device, where the battery is the other, these tanks offer faster usage and more thorough vaping potential than other tanks. Most battery units operate identically, or at least very similarly, so there isn't much of a learning curve when it comes to them. Tanks, however, exist on a wide spectrum of complexities that must be learned before they can be enjoyed. Vision tanks take that learning curve and make it obsolete.

Mini Vivi Nova Cartomizers by Vision

Our inventory at includes several different types of Vision tanks. The first is the Mini Vivi Nova Cartomizer for 510 Pens. This unit is a slimmed down version of their flagship tank, the Vivi Nova. The Mini Vivi Nova offers the exact same functionality in a smaller unit. It can hold up to 2.5ml of your favorite e-liquid, and the outer glass tank is printed with graduation so you can gauge how much e-liquid is being used. The tank is available in Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, and Clear. Each color is still transparent so the interior levels of the e-liquid can be quickly scanned.

Vivi Nova Tanks from Vision Catomizers

The next tank in our inventory is the Vivi Nova Cartomizer for 510 Pens. This tank holds up to 3ml of e-liquid, and it has the same graduation printed on the side as the Mini Vivi Nova. It can be used with any standard 510 threaded device, and the coil is replaceable for additional longevity and utility. The Vivi Nova is available in the same colors as the Mini Vivi Nova, and the mouthpiece is made from durable stainless steel. We also carry a kit that includes the Vivi Nova and two additional clearomizer coils, and you can purchase additional replacement coils from our inventory as well.

Don't Miss M1 Vision Clearomizers

Next we have the M1 Concentrate Clearomizer by Vision. This device is made for the more casual vape user, and it can be used to vaporize concentrated essential oils. It uses a ceramic nichrome heating element for the highest reliability and fastest heating time. The tank is available in Red, Blue, Purple, Black, and Yellow. It includes an LED light built into the base of the unit that turns on whenever the device is active, which is great for helping refill in the dark.

The remaining tanks in our selection of Vision products include two of their basic tanks for pen-style devices. The MT3 Clearomizer and X6 Cartomizer are both made to be used with standard 510 threaded devices, and they have a unique liquid viewport that allows the user to see when a refill is needed. They come in a variety of colors similar to the other Vision tanks, and they are made with the same premium materials.