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Extending the life of your Vivi Nova Clearomizer is easy with the Vivi Nova Clearomizer Replacement Coil. By replacing the coil, users can enjoy the Vivi Nova Clearomizer Longer without replacing the entire product. The coils are convenient and simple to use. 


Product Description

The coil head of the Vivi Nova Clearomizer houses the wick and coil element that vaporizes the liquid in the atomizer. The coil sits inside the base housing of the coil head along with the wick. The coil wire connects to the outside of the shell and the battery pin. The seal of the atomizer keeps the liquid from flowing back into the coil. As the user presses the power button, the shell and battery pin make contact. The coil wire gets hot and atomizes the liquid. When the coil works properly, the user will see a steady stream of vapor.

Knowing exactly when to replace the coil can be tricky. When the coil needs to be replaced will naturally depend on how often the user vapes. However, there are several indications the coil needs to be replaced. First, sometimes the heating coil will make strange gurgling sounds. Although this can be an indication that the user has flooded the atomizer, it can also mean the coil is not heating properly. Another sign that the coil is not heating well is that the atomizer will squirt juice into the user's mouth. Liquid in the mouth means the atomizer is not heating fast enough -- a sure sign the coil needs to be replaced. In addition, if the atomizer is producing little vapor or no vapor, the coil may not be working properly. Off flavors can be another sign that the coil needs to be replaced. 

The actual replacement of the coil is quite quick and simple. First, unscrew the top of the atomizer. Next, unscrew the tube. Then unscrew the coil. Finally, take out the old coil, and put in the new one. The process is easy for anyone to do. Users should only use the coil intended for the device.

In summary, using Vivi Nova Clearomizer Replacement Coils is a convenient way to extend the life of the Vivi Nova Clearomizer. Order yours today.

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