Classic Volcano Vaporizer with Solid Valve Set


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Product Description


The considered the latest progression in the field of vaporizer science. A allows you to have complete liberty while enjoying your aromatherapy . The vent-balloon delivery device allows the to stand apart from all vaporizers on the market.

reviews show that the scored the highest in ease of use; making it possible for vent-balloon to be filled with minimal effort by a user. The fills the vent-balloon up with enough vapor to provide several vaporizer hits from one fill. The vent-balloon also allows for vapor storage up to 8 hours.


The user is allowed the comfort of watching while the vapor visibly builds in the vent-balloon. Once the vent-balloon is filled, the user can simply remove the bag and snap on an attachment and enjoy the results.


Hand crafted in Germany the is a medical grade vaporizer device. Numerous studies done prove the provides the durability today's vaporizer public needs.


The increases the amount of active ingredients the user receives from the aromatherapy about 75% more then traditional -smk-. The -sk-less approach the chose to use is excellent. Tars and carcinogens are virtually eliminated when using the as opposed to -smk-.


Our is shipped with all essential items needed to work correctly, including the 110 volt plug used in America. Replacement parts are available for the here as well.

The comes complete with a 3 year warranty, restricted to normal use. Start living a healthier -sk--free lifestyle with the .

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Additional Information


Classic Volcano Vaporizer with Solid Valve Set Instructions

Below find step by step instructions on using the Volcano Vaporizer Digit.

  1. Choose Temperature
  2. Switch Heat On (3-5 mins)
  3. Grind Substance
  4. Fill Filling Chamber
  5. Insert Filling Chamber Insert
  6. Preheat Substance if Control Lamp is Off
  7. Click Valve Balloon on Filling Chamber
  8. Watch Vapor Density
  9. Remove Full Balloon Unit
  10. Separate Valve Balloon From Filling Chamber
  11. Caution! Causes Burn, Don't Leave Filling Chamber on Volcano Vaporizer
  12. Click Mouthpiece on Valve Balloon


Classic Volcano Vaporizer with Solid Valve Set Warranty

Storz-Bickel offers a three year warranty on the Classic Volcano Vaporizer with Solid Valve Set . The warranty period begins with the date of purchase.

During the warranty period we or an authorized repair shop will make good by repair or if necessary replacement, any defects in the appliance free of charge, where such defects occur under proper usage of this product in accordance with the directions given in this instruction booklet and arise solely from faulty design, materials or workmanship provided always that the defective product has been returned to Storz & Bickel or one of our authorized repair shops.

Damage, or defects that occur due to improper handling or maintenance of this product are not covered under warranty. The foregoing shall constitute our sole liability under this warranty.

There is no entitlement to any refund of the purchase price whether in whole or in part and we shall not be liable under this warranty for any damage, direct or indirect caused by the product during usage or otherwise. This warranty does not affect or in any way limit your statutory rights. Wear parts are excluded from the warranty.

Claims under this warranty will only be granted if the product, not disassembled, along with the sales slip or invoice stating the date of purchase and dealer's stamp is sent, well packaged either to us or one of our authorized repair shops.

Repair Service

Storz-Bickel's Customer Service Department or one of our authorized repair shops will repair faults not covered by the warranty or after said warranty has expired.


Handling of this product is to be as stated in the Classic Volcano Vaporizer with Solid Valve Set Instructions.

The user accepts full liability for improper handling and usage of this product. Repair of this product is only to be done by us or one of our authorized repair shops.

For repairs done by one of our repair shops, proof of the following must be presented: repair date, type and extent of repair as well as the company's name and signature. Only original Storz & Bickel parts are to be used.

Failure to comply with any of the points mentioned in these Classic Volcano Vaporizer with Solid Valve Set Operation Instructions release Storz & Bickel GmbH & Co. KG from any and all liability.

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    The Best Vape Hands Down

    I would have to say that the Classic Volcano was the best purchase I have ever made, I suggest everyone who uses a vaporizer to get this top of the line vape. My favorite is the Solid Valve because it isnt very expensive to replace the bags, but I also have the Easy Valve because when I have guests they can have their own and I dont have to share.

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    There are not enough good things I can say about this unit. I tried one for the first time the other day and wow did it make a difference. I've heard about the unit for awhile now and finally I tried it at my dispensary. The feeling I got was unlike any other traditional method. The bags they used were huge. You can cut them and make them any size, but there's was especially large =) Try this unit out if you get a chance you will want one immediately.

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    Love my Volcano Classic

    The Classic Volcano/Solid Valve combo has officially changed my life. I started off with a box style vape and counted the days until I saved up enough for the Volcano.The efficient balloon system allows me to fill it up to a customized size (I'm rocking a 4ft bag) and produces excellent Vapor quality.I also like how the control light on the Classic Volcano indicates the exact moment that my unit reaches the optimal temperature (It only takes 3 minutes)I would recommend this product to everyone, I'm sure the Volcano can fit most budgets if you save for it and this is money well spent!

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  • 0 of 0 people found the following review helpful

    top of the line Bentley

    Not much else needs to be said. This is the de-facto top dog of the vaporizer line.Yes, it is expensive. But if you've tried it before, then you know where that money goes. The vapor quality

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    It's awesome. It invigorates the respiratory system. Worth the money.

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