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VTMN E-Liquid

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VTMN & Schwartz E-Juice

One of the most iconic names in premium e-liquids has done it again. VTMN E-Liquid is the latest imprint from The Schwartz, that ultra-fun industry favorite which brought you classics like The Upside, The Downside, Comb the Desert, and Ludicrous Speed. Now, this brand is branching out from their traditional yogurt-inspired e-juices to tackle fruit-flavored delights as only The Schwartz can. 

Based in Long Beach, California, an area ideally suited to the laid-back atmosphere of the vaping community, The Schwartz started their brand with a simple premise: bringing the taste of premium yogurt to e-juices. Their ascent in the marketplace was meteoric, not just because they delivered a top-shelf product but because they made the brand fun by introducing apparel and carving out a strong presence on social media. That initial success has allowed the brand to create several imprints which include Naked 100 and the all-new VTMN. Each imprint has its own distinctive character.

The overall character of VTMN E-Liquid is decidedly tropical. Many were wondering when The Schwartz would toss its hat into the fruit-flavored e-liquid arena, and by all accounts it was worth the wait. VTMN began with a roll out of three flavors, and each one is generating a buzz because of its originality.

Purple E-Liquid by VTMN & Other Flavors

Purple by VTMN is all about ripe berries with just a hint of citrus. Those who love their vapor to be crisp and refreshing will enjoy trying to identify all of the flavor profiles in this e-liquid. Fire is a bold and full-bodied vape that evokes the taste of pitahaya, also known as "dragon fruit." This is an exotic foray into a flavor that vapers have never seen before. Finally, Island brings no less than six citrus influences to bear in a tropical treat that conjures images of a hammock stretched between two palm trees near a quiet beach.

High Quality VTMN E-Liquids

The bottles produced by The Schwartz and its imprints are the result of months of careful planning and research. These e-juices are handcrafted by professionals who have many years of combined experience in the vaping industry. With a company philosophy that stresses winning over vapers one bottle at a time, each new variety of e-juice is given the utmost attention throughout its creation. To begin, the unique recipes must be perfected by mixologists that face the task of making something that is unique. This, in itself, is a difficult job given the sheer number of e-juices on the market.

This new brand also benefits from the same procedures and steeping processes as the other offerings from The Schwartz. Every resource at the brand's disposal has been used to make these tropical creations stand out among the competition. Nothing has been left to chance because The Schwartz knows their reputation is on the line, and that reputation is a solid one. Just take a look at the reviews of the brand that are shared in the vaping community and you will know why they occupy a place as an industry leader. 

Making tropical-themed e-liquids is challenging. If not produced properly, they just won't hold up to being vaped all day. This is not a problem with these premium blends. They are never bitter or overpowering and are suitable to a variety of scenarios from a night on the town to a relaxing evening at home.

While you are shopping for VTMN E-Liquid, be sure to check out our entire line of e-juices from all of the top brands. You can also find all of the replacement parts you need for your tanks and mods, and we'll even help via live chat or email if you need assistance.