Wake and Vape by Cheech and Chong E-Liquid

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Hey man, is it time to get real and get in touch with a new vaping reality? Righteous, man! If that is your thing, then it's time to get down and then wake up to the righteous taste of Wake and Vape E-Juice by Cheech and Chong E-Liquid!


Product Description

This stuff is the bomb, man, and it's time to take a long delicious draw and see what we are talking about.

Get down with Wake and Vape E-Liquid, my man! This incredibly cool E-Juice comes from the laboratories of that utterly cool comedy team, Cheech and Chong. Cheech and Chong defined entertainment and comedy for generations of awesome followers, and now this legendary team is bringing that flavorful coolness into a new vape flavor that has to be inhaled to be believed.

Wake and Vape is the new E-Liquid flavor that has the sweet and scrumptious taste of down home rice cereal, with hints of lip-smacking fruit flavors adding a luscious, tasty tang that keeps vape enthusiasts and Cheech and Chong fans coming back for more. 

It's no accident that Wake and Vape E-Juice is as delicious as can be. The utterly unreal taste of this E-Liquid comes out of the Cheech and Chong curatorial kitchens after long days and nights spent experimenting with taste combinations and ingredients, with the result that this vape juice is an utterly amazing blend that brings on the good vibes in a big way, with every draw on your vape. This flavor is tested over a long curatorial process that goes on for week after awesome week, with the taste and texture adjusted carefully along the way, until a peak vape flavor experience is achieved.

Is all this too much to ask for a comedy team that has brought nonstop laughs to generations of comedy fans? Should we really expect two of the most amazing minds in comedy to come up with a new vape flavor that refines awesomeness in every draw? No, it's not, because Wake and Vape E-Juice by Cheech and Chong is totally the bomb. It's so tasty it makes it worthwhile to wake up every morning and have another pull on that delicious vape flavor.

So if you haven't tried Wake and Vape E-Juice, be sure to order an extra big supply, because the sensational taste of this liquid will have you coming back for more and more.

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