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Brilliant George Washington was the first President of the United States. He turned down those who wanted to declare him King of this new democracy, instead taking the radical route of choosing to be the humble servant of the people. His role as leader in the Revolutionary War against England made him one for the ages, and his wit and wisdom as a leader resonates still in the hearts and minds of the American public.


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It's no wonder then that the mixing geniuses of the breakthrough E-Liquid brand, Dead Presidents, should choose this iconic American as the name for a new flavor for their vaping juice. George Washington's heroic leadership during the early days of the American experiment continue to inspire people everywhere, even as the homely story of his honesty in admitting to 'chopping down a cherry tree' is told and retold as an example of the great man's humility.

Would George and Martha Washington have been fans of their unique E-Juice flavor? Without a doubt! There's no question George would have loved relaxing at his Virginia estate with his wife Martha, enjoying the scrumptious taste of this special vape flavor, made especially in his honor. 

The taste of Washington by Dead Presidents E-Liquid is delicious indeed. This E-Juice brings on the flavor of fresh sliced peaches covered with an irresistibly delicious whipped cream topping. The result is an utterly scrumptious summertime dessert that is refreshing and tasty as can be.

It's no surprise that this new E-Liquid taste is an utterly delicious sensation. Would one of the founding fathers of the United States of America really settle for anything less?

The uniquely delicious Washington flavor was created in the curatorial kitchens of the Dead Presidents brand. The mixing geniuses at Dead Presidents put this flavor combination through an intensive blending process. This flavor was combined, mixed, blended, tasted, mixed, and tasted again and again, until the flavor was absolutely just so. This flavor had to pass a taste test that ensured the deliciousness would hold up for the long term satisfaction of the customers. Could anything less be required for an E-Juice named for the Father of Our Country? No, we think not!

This great new E-Liquid flavor is sure to stand the test of time, just as the great Washington himself has done. So, when you are ready for taste that is beyond compare, choose the great flavor of Washington by Dead Presidents E-Liquid.

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