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Watermelon by Bazooka Vape is an e-liquid recreation of its massive, rind covered, pit filled, fruit counterpart. In addition to honing the flavor inspiration of watermelons, this e-liquid also draws on straw style candy to ultimately create an intensely nostalgic taste. In addition to its satisfying flavor, Watermelon doesn't sacrifice any cloud payoff attributes. Every draw is flavor filled and every exhalation unleashes a completely gratifying vapor, a perfect marriage of the two qualities. 


Product Description

Watermelon by Bazooka Vape is a member of their standard e-liquid line. The taste of this e-juice is powerful and captures the essence of watermelon flavor perfectly. Every draw will bring vapers to the cusp of thinking they are eating a literal candy straw, but won't overpower them with too much sweetness. Watermelon would be a welcome addition in any collection.

Watermelon's taste is in perfect harmony with the ending cloud exhalation. Additionally, while the taste may be clean and genuine, it won't leave a sticky coating on the palate of users. The VG level is 70% while the PG is 30%. This ideal ratio allows the flavor to have its own moment in a draw, but ultimately yields a massive cloud that is both satisfying and impressive. The overall effect of the two components will have vapers using this liquid over and over. 

Another line that Bazooka Vape has created is called Ice. Ice Watermelon still provides the fully realized punch of watermelon flavor. However, with the addition of menthol, vapers are treated to a slight cooling sensation within a draw. There is the tasty sweetness, refreshing coolness, and as always, massive vapor payoff. 

Tropical Thunder is another line that Bazooka Vape has created. Pineapple Peach is one of their most unique and tasty flavors made available to customers. Each draw will have users having the initial shock of tropical fruit, but will ultimately end with the unmistakable sweetness of a peach. The 100mL bottle is a behemoth package size and as a whole, won't sacrifice any parts of an epitomized e-liquid. 

Watermelon by Bazooka Vape has a dropper style applicator that makes refills simple and helps to ensure that not a single drop is left behind. The package size is 60mL, the perfect amount as customers will want access to the e-liquid for multiple sessions across multiple days. The nicotine concentrate comes in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. The various options allow users to hit the mark of their ideal nicotine level.

Tucked into Los Angeles is the Bazooka Vape headquarters. Since establishing their place in the vaping industry several years ago, they have pushed their products to be the epitome of idyllic e-liquids. They also pushed themselves to maintain a theme of candy inspired flavors so as to allow their customers the opportunity for nostalgic moments. Their core business ethos, however, is to always release products they themselves would use.

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