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Wild Apple by Air Factory E-Liquid is a perfectly formulated e-liquid that is a nod to apples growing in an orchard. In addition to its real life fruit counterpart, the line of flavoring also seeks to bring vapers a sense of nostalgia by drawing on taffy style candies for inspiration. Every inhalation is vapor packed and every exhalation is dense with impressive clouds. Wild Apple brings with is all the attributes that a high quality e-liquid should have. 


Product Description

Wild Apple by Air Factory E-Liquid has the concentrated, pure taste of apples. Every draw begins with a subtle tang so common among the fruit, but is always rounded out with an appetizing sweetness. The overall effect of a draw is that of one that is wholly satisfying and borders on feeling like eating a chewy, taffy style candy. 

Wild Apple's VG and PG ratios are scaled to be 70% of VG and 30% of PG. This spread ensures the the flavor inherent in this variety can be enjoyed, but never at the cost of a vapor payoff. The robust flavor that is packed into every draw is fulfilling and intense. However, users will be happy to find that there is not residual tacky aftertaste that can be extremely unappealing in other types of e-liquids. Overall, all flavors, vapors, and clouds are in complete unison for a satisfying vaping session.

Wild Apple by Air Factory E-Liquid has a dropper style lid. This design quality allows users to easily refill the product into their preferred device without any fear of a spill. It comes in a massive 100mL bottle, which is a boon for vapers as they will want as much of this product on hand as they are likely to find themselves using it again and again. Air Factory E-Liquid has also made Wild Apple available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg of nicotine concentration. By providing these options, they help to ensure that every customer is able to hit the mark of whatever their concentration preference is. 

Another flavor that Air Factory E-Liquid has made available is called Strawberry Kiwi. Strawberries and Kiwis are paired together frequently in many different settings. The reason for that is because the two are a perfect compliment to each other and that fact is no different in this e-liquid. Users will be able to taste bother flavors as they meld together in every draw to ultimately create a seamless inhalation that is vapor packed. 

Yet another unique flavor from Air Factory E-Liquid is called Blue Razz. This slightly tangier flavor has a sour note to it initially, but ultimately concludes with the sweetness of a raspberry. Like every flavor in the line, it comes in a 100mL bottle and with the same three nicotine levels as Wild Apple. 

Air Factory E-Liquid opened their doors a few years ago in Orange County. Since that time, they have pushed themselves to create unique flavors that never sacrifice vapor or clouds. Their team of innovators are constantly testing and trying new things to keep them on the cutting edge of quality e-liquid creation. With their state of the art facilities and labs, they have made a name for themselves in the vaping industry. 

While you decide if Wild Apple is the flavor for you, please look through the other makers and flavors of e-liquids available through GotVape.com. We also offer extensive offerings by way of mods, tanks, pens, and other vaping supplies. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team.

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