Wild Bill by Villain Vapors Saloon Select E-Liquid

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Legend has it that Wild Bill Hickok got into a gunfight after someone caused him to drop his drink in a bar. Too bad he didn't have some of this e-liquid around to take his mind off the indignity. You can't stay in a bad mood once you try this sweet vape.


Product Description

It's a must-try if you like cereal flavors and a good one to start with if you haven't tried them yet.

Wild Bill invokes the flavors of one of your favorite cereals in a smooth vape that delivers a hit of sweet milk and fruity cereal. It's the perfect combination of fruit, cream and sugary goodness. If you remember what the milk tasted like after you'd eaten the cereal, that's the flavor you get here.

It's a comforting flavor that's extra creamy, like you mixed some half-and-half in with your cereal. The cream taste hits you first and is quickly followed by layers of peach, lemon and cherry. On the exhale you'll taste the cereal. If you love fruity blends, you'll enjoy this. It's more pronounced in the fresh fruit flavor than other cereal e-liquids.

Wild Bill is a bright, tasty way to start your morning. You could also use this vape all day with its mild flavor and moderate throat hit. Cereal flavors are popular right now and Wild Bill is a worthy competitor with just enough flavor differences to stand out from the rest. 

Carry yourself back to your favorite Saturday mornings munching on cold cereal and watching TV on the couch. Wild Bill takes you there with a twist. It's a nostalgic flavor that's been made into a thoroughly modern vape. 

Wild Bill Hickok lived a colorful life as an actor, gambler and lawman. There's no doubt he would have appreciated this multiflavored vape named for him. 

Wild Bill is made by premium e-liquid makers Villain Vapors and is part of their Saloon Select line. Villain Vapors is known for quality e-juices named after history's most famous villains, bandits and outlaws. The Saloon Select line honors the Old West in its names and its distinctive glass bottles that look like they belong on a saloon shelf. 

Like all the Villain Vapors, Wild Bill is made in the U.S. with food grade ingredients. It has an 80/20 VG-PG ratio. It is available in 0m, 3 mg, 6mg and 12mg nicotine levels and comes in two sizes, 15ml and 30ml. 

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