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Winter Leaf by Alfaliquid is so cool and crisp that you might feel as though you are atop the Alps and looking down on the French countryside where this designer e-liquid is made. Wintergreen, green peppermint, and frosted mint all blend to produce an incredibly cool vapor that is not overpowering like menthol. It falls as softly on your palette as the snow falls in the French mountains.


Product Description

This e-liquid starts with a jaw-tingling splash of green peppermint, leaving behind that fresh taste that everyone loves. Notes of wintergreen come next to add just the right amount of sweetness to the mix. Finally, a flavor profile of frosted mint overlays the complete mix for chilly decadence and a pleasing aroma. An e-liquid this rich in flavor could only be produced in a country like France which is known for its celebration of indulgence and treating oneself well.

Winter Leaf by Alfaliquid has a five-star flavor intensity and five star vapor volume rating from its creator, and it offers you the best of both worlds. It is perfect for use in a sub tank and will work equally well in a vape pen. The blend is produced from pristine raw materials that are sourced from the best suppliers in France. Additionally, Alfaliquids does not use chemicals such as Diacetyl or Acetyl that are found in many e-liquids. This e-juice is composed of only Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycol, and food grade flavoring. Every batch must pass numerous quality controls before it is bottled and sent to market.

Other flavors by this brand include Milk Berry by Alfaliquids, a pleasing blend of fresh milk and strawberries that tastes great as an early morning vape. There is also Noble Leaf by Alfaliquids, a rich blend that takes its inspiration from Louis XIV who was known for his expansive appetite and love of rich foods. It melds together exquisite hints of chocolate, caramel, and popcorn with the taste of natural Virginia tobacco. All varieties of e-juices from Alfaliquid are packaged in 30 ml bottles with a dropper, and they are available in nicotine strengths of 0, 3, 6, 11, and 16 mg to provide a wide range of choices that will suit every vaper.

Alfaliquids is currently the most popular e-liquid brand in all of Europe, garnering more than a 50% market share. They are also one of the oldest e-liquid manufacturers in Europe. The brand is owned by Gaiatrend, a family business that was created by the Martzel family in 2008. Xavier Martzel, a flavor artist with degrees in his craft, is the official "vapologist" at Alfaliquids. His training and position with the brand is comparable to that of a restaurant chef. Xavier is responsible for all of the unique flavors created and sold by Alfaliquids, and he oversees production to ensure the highest standards of quality. The facilities in which the e-liquids are produced are compliant with all current certifications and regulations for quality.

If you truly want to experience the joys of vaping a fine, designer e-liquid, Alfaliquids is the brand to explore. The e-juices turn a regular vape into an event that is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest, a time for life to slow down and let you enjoy the finer things.

While you are shopping for Winter Leaf by Alfaliquid, be sure to check out all of the tanks, mods, and accessories in our inventory. An e-liquid this good just might merit a new tank that will truly convey all of its flavor. If you have any questions about these or any of our e-juices, please contact us via live chat or email.

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