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Wismec Mods

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Wismec Vapes

WISMEC is a relatively new player in the e-cigarette marketplace, but their name is one you'll probably start seeing more and more. Their staff includes some amazing talent from across the industry, including researchers, designers, and sales associates. They take pride in their vast combined experience in the personal aromatherapy and electronic cigarette marketplace. Their corporate staff understands the needs of the average vape user, and they know that their employees are ultimately what make up their company. They've combined innovation with commerce in their initial product line.

Wismec Vaporizer Product Line

The first line of WISMEC vaporizers was designed by some of the most creative, ingenious engineers in the industry. They offer superb functionality and aesthetic appeal at an affordable price. They want their products to be accessible to the entire market, not just the most wealthy who can afford overly expensive devices. Their vaporizers produce high quality vapor with rich, bold flavor. The company is part American and part Chinese, so the products are envisioned in the United States before they are constructed in China. Their products are such high quality that they are sold in both the US and China, where consumers are already enjoying the state-of-the-art devices.

WISMEC not only plans to continue evolving their product line, but they will also continue expanding their operations with new talented individuals who stand out in the industry. They want to make a dream-team of innovators who share a view of the future of vaping. The e-cigarette industry is about to experience an awakening thanks to WISMEC products.

Wismec Box Mods

Our inventory at includes three different box mods from WISMEC, three tanks, and one silicone case. These initial products represent the first step in WISMEC's goal of conquering the world of portable vaporizers.

The first WISMEC box mod in our inventory is the Rueleaux RX200 Temperature Control Box Mod. It is completely ergonomic and sits comfortably in the palm. The device comes in four colors, including white, black, and red. It uses three 18650 batteries, so you know it packs a punch. The maximum output is 200W, and it has an OLED screen with single-degree temperature control.

Rueleaux RX200

The Rueleaux RX200S Temperature Control Box Mod is the second in the inventory, and it is similar to the RX200. It has the same variable temperature control, and it outputs 200W. The main difference between the two devices is that the RX200S has a larger OLED screen that shows more information. It also has upgradeable firmware thanks to a MicroUSB port on the front of the unit.

Rueleaux RX 75

The Rueleaux RX75 Temperature Control Box Mod Kit is a slimmed down version of the RX200. It uses a single 18650 battery for a maximum power output of 75W. The kit comes with a Amor Mini tank for vaporizer e-liquids right out of the box. It comes in a black base design with trim in either white or full black.

Wismec Theorem Atomizer

The WISMEC Theorem Atomizer is the first tank in our inventory. It uses an innovative NotchCoil cotton wick system that uses an open-air design. The tank is a top-fill tank, which is exceptionally convenient for filling on the go. It also has fully adjustable airflow. The Inde Duo, on the other hand, uses rebuildable coils and a vortex flow design. This is for the more advanced vape user, but it is well worth the effort. The last tank is the Indestructible by WISMEC. It uses a rebuildable design as well, with a larger juice well and extra wide coil mounts. The Indestructible is made from durable stainless steel and comes with air flow control through a rotating top cap. Lastly, the silicone case for the RX200 is a great way to protect your new vaporizer, and it comes in black, blue, and turquoise.